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Mariah was a normal 17 year old girl. Her mom died when she was 15 so she learned to rely on her dad. But one day she wakes up and he's gone. With no where to go Mariah makes the bold choice to move in with her boyfriend. But she soon finds he's not the man she made him out to be. On the run from his abuse she finds herself in the hands of a man everyone has told her to stay away from.


4. 4

                                                                        Mariah's P.O.V




I woke up the next morning to an empty bed. Were was Zayn? I grabbed Zayn's over sized shirt and put it on. I walked downstairs to find the house empty. Hmm? Weird? I walk over to the fridge to get some juice. There was a letter stuck on the fridge.


Dear Mariah,

I'm sorry about last night. I thought I would make it up for you tho. I planned a romantic day together. Just us. But first you need to turn your phone off and leave it at the house. The romance will start with a scavenger hunt. (; Go to the place we first met. See you soon babe. XOXO Zayn.


Aww that's so cute. I ran up the stairs and put some ripped jeans and a 'Fox Racing' shirt on. I walked down to the ally were Zayn had saved me. There was someone waiting outside. "Mariah?" He asked. "That's me." I said smiling. "Here" He handed me a bundle of roses. "O my gosh." I squealed.  I grabbed the note out and read it.


Dear Mariah,

I hope you like the flowers as much as I like you. Now have Dunkin drive you to were we first ate out together. See you soon doll. XOXO Zayn.


I turned back to the guy smiling like an idiot. "Aww." He brought me into a hug. Zayn was just so cute sometimes. "Your chariot awaits my friends lady." He motioned towards the Lamborghini in front of me. "O my gosh." I mumbled in shock. We drove to Texas steak house. When we pulled up there was a long line. I walked in telling Dunkin by. "How many?" The waitress asked. Of course the same one from last time. "O its you." She said snobby. "Don't get to excited. I just came to see if there was a letter or something here for me." I said leaning against the wall. "No there isn't. And if you excuse me I'm on my break." She started to walk away before turning around and adding. "Unless your cute friend is here." I ran out after her and spun her around. "Stay away from Zayn. He's mine" I demanded looking her straight in the face. "Hey just give him this and tell him to call me if he ever wants to get with a real girl." She went to walk away again but I grabbed her hair yanking  her back. I pushed her to the ground and jumped on top of her. I smacked her in the face over and over again. She rolled me over and started slapping me. "Mariah." I hear someone shout before I rolled her back on her back. "Mariah." I felt myself dragged off of her. I looked up to find Zayn. "O hey." I said nonchalantly. "What are you doing!" He asked wide eyed. "Nothing." I said wiping some blood from my brow.


"Come on." Zayn grabbed my hand pulling me to a limo... A LIMO!!! We stepped inside the long limo and scooted towards the middle. "Why didn't you just get in." He asked looking straight into my eyes. "I didn't know I was suppose to get in." I said getting annoyed. "No freaking duh you were didn't you read the side walk chalk." I looked out the window before we drove off. On the sidewalk was written. Get in and drive with your bad boy. My cheeks started to get red with embarrassment.  "Zayn I... I'm sorry." I said putting my head down. I felt his arms rap around me pulling me into his chest. "I know you didn't mean to... And anyways. It was kind of hot." I looked up at him and smacked his arm. He leaned in and kissed my nose. Gosh he was really cute.


We pulled up back at the house. Ok this is kind of confusing. We walk inside and I expect pedals on the ground and a romantic movie or something. But the house looks just like when I left it. "Want some food." He asks walking into the kitchen. I nod my head still trying to figure this out. I heard Zayn call for Chinese. "Ok Zayn. Drop the act. What's going on." He looks at me confused. "What do you mean." He asks innocently. O no. He's not about to trick me that easily. "Don't act all innocent. I don't buy it. You were mad at me just last night and today you throw me these surprises. Get me flower rent me a lambo and take me in a big limo... TO YOUR HOUSE. There's not even anything here. I thought you would like do a scary movie and try something. Not... Chinese food." I crossed my arms taking a seat. He runs his hands threw his hair. Now I know something's up. The silence was broken by my phone going off. "Hello?" "Mariah come to the hospital hurry. Its Trevor." Ell rushes into the phone. "Wait what?" The line goes dead. I look over a Zayn wide eyed. "It's Trevor." I say still not shur what to think. "Who cares." Zayn groans. "I do." I say getting mad.


After much arguing Zayn finally drove me to the hospital. I ran to Trevor's room. "Trev." I say covering my mouth. He looks so helpless in that bed. His eyes are closed sending streams down my cheeks. I wish Zayn would have come with me instead of being stubborn and waiting in the car. I sit in one of the chairs and let the water works take over. I open my eyes when I hear someone in the hall. "Hey... Its me Louis. Ya I took care of him... Ya... I don't see her... No... And Zayn... You owe me." I stood up and walked out. "Who the fuck are you." I asked pushing him. "Hey calm your tits." He says catching his balance. "No I'm not going to fucking calm my tits you psychopath. What did you do to Trevor." I demanded. "That's none of your business. And if you know what's good for you you'll keep those pretty little lips shut." I pushed him into the wall. "If you know what's good for you. You'll tell me what the fuck you did to Trevor." He pushed me back. I socked him in the jaw just as a doctor came by. "Hey you to. No ruff housing in the hospital. I'm gonna ask you to leave." We were both escorted out of the hospital.


Zayn ran up to me pulling me in. My eyebrow had started to bleed again. I pushed him away. "Stay away." I warned. Zayn looked at me confused. "What?" He asked confused. I pushed his chest so he hit the car. "You said you wouldn't hurt him." I pushed him again. "You said this day was just for us to say sorry." I pushed him once more. "But you lied. This day was to distract me so I wouldn't know he was in the hospital." I could feel tears start to slip out as I asked. "How could you do this to him Zayn. How could you do this to me." "Mariah... I'm sorry. I was only trying to protect you. It wont happen again." "I just... I don't know if I can trust you." I started to walk away but Zayn grabbed my wrist. "Mariah. Please. Don't leave. I promise. Never again. It will NEVER... Happen again." I looked into his eyes trying to get the courage to tell him no Zayn. Its over. You went to far. But all I could do was melt under his gaze. I let him rap me into a hug and cryed into his chest.

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