Meeting Justin Bieber


2. "Wait!"

Demi's POV I walked back in the hotel. I had to push through about a billion screaming girls. I finally made my way to the elevators. As I waited impatiently the girls suddey started screaming 10x louder. The elevator doors opened & I quickly got in.  "WAIT NO HOLD THE ELEVATOR!!! AHHH!!", I heard a voice yell. I instincly put my foot in the door & the person ran in. "CLOSE THE DOOR HURRY!!", The person yelled at me. I closed the doors right before a mob of girls almost entered the elevator with me & the person. Why was everyone running after this per- My thoughts were interuped when I heard the person speak. I could recognize his voice from anywhere. It was him. My idol, the person I dream about each night, the person that makes me smile when I just look at him, the person that makes me melt, no one understands. That person was Justin Bieber.  "9th floor please.", He asked. I pushed the button. I was trying so hard not to fangirl & breakdown & cry. He was on the same floor as me & Baylee! Then suddenly the elevator started to shake & then it all together stopped. 
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