The Burden of an Actress

Being an actress seems so divine, but what is it? Take it from me, an actress myself, it is not as shiny and beautiful of a life as Hollywood wants you to think.


2. The True Burden

They look at me 

With adoring eyes

Those fans, my audience, I hear their cries

The thunderous applause that shatters the ears

But what they miss are the bitter tears

For I have no emotions of my own

I belong to the director, his scolding tone

I am but a puppet of the script 

I do what I am told

If I try to be myself, away I am shipped

Left in the cold

For the saying is old but almost true

I have no face to show through

I wear a mask, covering up my true expression

Just to make a decent impression

But no, that is not quite right

For what mask do I wear

But the one I am

I am the face of a great sham

I am the pleasant face of the Hollywood fear

The face I cannot control

The face controlled by the writers of the script

I am an actress

Now my thought go awry

So I go back to the first time

I am an actress

Don't buy into the "follow your dreams"

Producers don't give a rip about them like it seems

They make money from your hopeless life

They care not for returning your strife

You turn into a minion of their schemes

An empty shell of forgotten dreams

You follow the script given to you

You obey the commands

Your strings they pull according to plans

Your are but their marionette

For that you must give up anything yet

Any love, hope, dream, desire

Locked away as you become their liar

You lie about emotions

You fib to appease the audiences' notions

You lie to the face of the filming device

You lie about thinking your fellow actors being nice

Because really and truly they are the same

Mindless puppets of the director, insane

You have been warned, all actors in training

Your happiness from now on?

Expect to have it start waning.

For I, an actress, bear the burden 

The burden of an actress.


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