Being a Hybrid (One Direction - Niall)

What would you feel if there was one secret that you could not tell anyone because you were too afraid that they would not accept you, well that's what 19 year old Irish singer Niall Horan feels like. Most people know him of course, he is in the famous and called one direction. Niall is getting more depressed after not having comfort from people and attention that he needs as he is part cat. What happens to Niall when one band member finds out his secret and what will everyone else do when he starts having deep feelings towards one of his band member's. Will they kick him out the band for being a freak of nature or will he get the love and attention that he has never had before in the story of being a hybrid?


4. Chapter 3

Niall's P.O.V

I was woken by people talking.

"Aww they look so cute together," 

"Harry get a picture quick,"

"Ok boobear don't wake the up," Ughh why do they always wake me up. I turned over and snuggled deeper into my pillow. Wait a minute since when do pillow's breathe? I inhaled the scent and found Liam's scent next to me, this only made my Cat ways go crazy, like cat nip does but there is something about Liam's scense of smell that makes me go mad, that's one of the reasons why i had to get out the van so quickly, other wise i would have jumped on him and proberly licked him like crazy.

"Aww Nialler's getting cosy," Someone said. I couldn't take the smell anymore, I rolled over Liam and ran to the bathroom scaring everyone in the process.

"Niall you ok?"

"Niall what happened?" They were all asking.

"GUYS SHUT UP AND MOVE!" I knew that voice anywhere, Liam.

"Niall come out the bathroom and tell us what's wrong," He asked polietly and patiently.

"Ok but Liam you need to go to the other side of the room ok?" I shouted.

"OK," I heard shuffling of feet and i finally opened the door to 4 worried looking faces.

"Are you ok Niall?" Liam asked from the other side of the room, his scent is so powerful.

"Y..yeah it's just," God i was literally dying to jump and play with the scent, it was as strong as cat nip it's so weird.

"Just what Niall?" Harry questioned me in concern.

"Just Liam your scent is like cat nip or you know just as strong and if i stay in here any longer im afraid im proberly gonna pounce on you and lick you  and try to play with you," I explained and the boys bursted out with laughter while Liam looked like he was planning on something. By then he took a step forward.

"Liam im warning you your gonna wanna stay away,"I warned but he tok another step forward. Was he teasing me or just rying to make me mad? I grabbed zayn's shirt and made him stand in front of me so i try to inhale his scent.

"God Liam no matter how much i inhale Zayn's scent your's is like a friggin fridge full of catnip," Everyone chuckled and then Louis looked at my scared.

"Louis what's up?" Harry said.

"Umm Liam your gonna wanna run any time in the next minutes, look at Niall's eye's" He said staring straght at me.

"OMG i made my cat look like that when i put cat nip under my pillow at home, she started chasing me down the street, until she got tired,  i started seeing people laugh at me cause i was only in my boxers, never doing that again ever" Harry said. I looked at Liam and he looked at me and then sprinted out the room with me trying not to follow.

The smell was too strong i couldn't help it, I ran out the room to find Liam trying to get into a door which is locked. He turned and saw me running to him, my eyes proberly dialated by now. He made a run for the living room where he went and stood on the one side of the couch and me on the other side of the couch. I couldn't stop so i jumped over the couch and knocked right into him causing him to fall onto the floor.

"Niall stop," he said but i couldn't stop, i started licking his neck and face and rolled over him. Everyone had come into the room by then and started laughing at the scene they are witnessing. I got bored evertually and very tired so i kneeled on him on used my hand the puff him up like what a cat does to a cushion to make it comfortable. I saw him looking at me strangly as i crawled into a ball and sat on him eventually falling asleep yet again.

Liam's P.O.V

After Niall had tired out you craled onto my chest like a cat and fell asleep. I can't believe i have a scent of cat nip.

The boys started laughing at how im now stuck on the floor.

"You guys are not funny im gonna put him on the couch," I said and they just kept laughing. I grapped the boy in my arms and got myself up with him still in my arms and sat on the couch with him in my lap.

I stroked his ears as he slept and purred. I thought it was so cute seeing him like this.

"Do you like Niall?" Zayn said plopping down next to me.

"Umm i dunno?" I replied.

"How do you know?" 

"Because it all just clicked in my head why he stares at you, how he avoids you at all costs, your scent is somewhat like a drug to him Liam, he jumped out the van yesterday because he had to get away from your scent and yesterday morning you caught him staring at you eyes" He explained. What has happened to Zayn has he suddenly become a love doctor./ specilist.

"Yeah i get it now, i mean i kind of love him but i don't think he loves me like i do?" I said finally admitting it.

Zayn wasn't looking at me at all instead he was looking at my lap, i was so confused i then looked down and met a pair of blue eyes. Oh No please don't say he heard that.

"How much of that did you hear Nialler?" I asked anxiously.

"Sorry Liam i heard everything," he said suddenly getting up and exiting the hotel room. I immediatly got up andran out the door.

"Niall wait!" I shouted and Niall turned around to face me.

"Liam?" He said confused.

"Why do you leave? why do you avoid me?"I asked but i could see him getting angrier.

"Because Liam you make me mad, everywhere i am i can smell you or im staring at you everytime! I heard you in there talking to Zayn and you know what I love so fucking much but i was too scared to tell you because you only like girls and im never gonna be with you even though i love!" He shouted at me but by this time i was walking up to him and i smashed my lips against his, pushing him up against the wall.

"Im sorry it took me so long to realise I love you Niall, will you be my boy friend?" I asked with a glimpse of hope.

"Of course i will you fucking idiot!" He shouted and everyone cheered. I could see in his eyes this was the best day of his life.


Hey guys so next chapter done I feel so happy for Liam and Niall finally together but will they be happy forever or will there be bumps along the way! find out soon!

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