In Her Shadow

This is a story of a girl named Claire. U may not know her. Well hear her full name Claire Edwards. Yes that's tight she is Perrie Edwards sister. She has an amazing voice. But she has always lived in her sisters shadow. Her sister sees her upset one day. So she decides to take her on tour with perrie's boyfriend zayn. But Claire is still in the shadows no one really pays much attention to her. Not even the paps. Well everyone but on fella in the band. What happens when she gets tired of being a ghost? Will she do something? Will she fall in love?


28. chapter 16

Sorry I haven't updated in forever 😁

As you probably can see this book is being crap. It's publishing chapters over again so yea sorry. This is chapter 17 so if you need to reason over chapter 16 to refresh your mind on what's going on then go ahead :)

Claire's POV

We ran and ran and made it out the door but not very far til the man came over and pulled me away.

"AHHH LOUIS HELP!!! HARRY!" I yell and they both run and Harry grabs my hands and tries to pull me away. But the guy isn't giving up. He holds on tight and won't let go of me. Louis came up and punched the guy in the face. He let me go grabbing his face and I kicked him and he fell to the floor.

"Oooohhhh nut shot!" Harry shouted and high fived me. The guy got up again and he tried to punch Louis but I got in the way. And blocked the punch and kicked his side then twisted his wrist then flipped him. Then when he was on the floor she straddled him grabbing his arm and twisting it.

"You won't tell anyone we left you hear me?" I say

"Yes yes okay just let me go"

I let him go and then he grabbed me again.

"Oh he'll to the fuck no" I said. I then stepped on his foot, elbowed his stomach, elbowed his nuts, them his face. He fell to the floor and I grabbed his nose and hit it on the bone so it broke. He started screaming and cursing words and us but he didn't get up.

"Let's go guys"

We started running and made it to Harry's car and got in.

Me and Louis in the back and Harry in the front with.... Cat?? What?

"Cat what are you doing here?" I ask confused

"Hardy told me to come" she said


"Because I knew that I might not have made it out there without getting caught and so I decided to bring her and if something bad we're to happen and I wasn't out in 30 minutes to call the cops" Harry said.

"And I was about to call the cops until I saw you beating that guys ass!! Damn I didn't know you could do that" cat said

"Yea where'd you learn to do that shit. It was awesome! " Louis asked

"We'll Perrie is my sister so I kinda had to play the body guard role for a while so they took me to classes and stuff. While she was on tour I would always be back stage as "a fan" but I was just watching over Perrie making sure nothing happened to her" I answered

"Wow" they said

"Yea and I feel like all the people who actually knew about us being siblings they didn't care cause they always treated her like a queen. She always was the center of attention. No one cared about me. I was just a shadow." I say looking at the floor.

"Hey look at me" Louis says. I looked up and he cupped my face in his hands. "I'm here and with me here I won't let it happen Anymore" he kissed me and then rested his forehead on mine.

"I love you" He said

"I love you more" I said

"I love you most" he said back. I rolled my eyes and laughed

"You watch too many Disney movies" I said

"You can NEVER watch too many Disney movies" he said smirking at me

"You're an idiot" I say

"But I'm your idiot" he said poking my nose.

I smile. I gave him a kiss.

"Can you at least wait until we get home cause I don't have any condoms in this car so no sex in my car" Harry Said. I pulled away from Louis kiss and pulled Harry's hair "OW!!" He yelled

I just stuck my tongue.

"If you're ready for real this time then we can try that again but I will make it perfect and more loving than the first time babe I promise" he whispered so quietly so that only I could hear him.

"I do" I said back and kissed him.


Hey sorry for not updating 😁😭 but I had been working on this chapter a while ago so I just found it but here you go hope you like it :-)

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