my new life (1D fanfic)

Have you ever felt alone? That's how Ariella felt. Her parents died when she was fourteen and her sister was eighteen. Ever since then her snobby sister abused her in every way possible. She has always gotten bullied in school, and has no friends. Her only one was when she was sixteen. But he moved away to go to the X-Factor and he never talked to her again. When she is seventeen, her sister gets married to a boy that she has been dating for a while, Ariella and her sister, Melissa have to move from Cheshire to London. The twenty-one year old man lives with four other friends. But when she finds out who they are, there is only one question left:

What will happen?


11. Girls day

My new life:

Girls day


Ariella's POV:

After that VERY awkward show that me and Jenna preformed for the boys we all decided to have a movie night. After watching all the Toy Stories, Monsters Inc., and Finding Nemo-yes we are children at hearts- everybody was asleep.


I wake up on the couch laying on top of Harry. I laugh at everyone's spots. Liam and Jayde are intertwine on the Love seat. Louis and Niall are holding each other on  the floor. And Zayn is sitting on the floor with is back against the couch with Jenna leaning on his shoulder.

Awww Jenna and Zayn would be a cute couple. I sneak out of Harry's arms and grab my phone. I take a picture and post it on Twitter.

@AriellaHereBiotches: Movie night last night! Look at them, sooo cute :) haha hope they don't kill me!   (picture below)

I go upstairs and into my room. I take a shower then put on a white tee that says 'Stop making Sense' a pair of ripped, light wash skinnies, a black leather jacket, and black platform vans. I straighten my hair then put on foundation, black eye shadow, black eyeliner-how I usually do it, dark red lipstick and mascara.

I hear a knock at the door. "Come in!" I answer. Jenna walks in.

"Hey can I borrow some clothes?" She ask.

"Of course." I answer. I go to my closet and toss her the clothes.

"So you and Zayn huh?" I ask with a smile. She just blushes and looks away. Jenna put on the dark green crop top that says 'California College' in faded white letter. She puts on the ripped short shorts, and black vans. She curls her hair and put on some of my foundation, natural eye shadow, eyeliner on the top, mascara, and a bright red/pinkish lipstick.

"You look hot! I wish I could wear stuff like that." I say with a small smile.

"Awww thanks babe! It's okay. You will one day. If you'd stop doing it. I'm here now so you don't have to." Jenna says hugging me.

"Well lets go down so you can make Zayn want you babe!" I giggle dragging her downstairs.

When the boys see us, well her their jaw drops. I go over to Harry and close his.

"You better close it before you get yourself a new girlfriend!" I joke.

"Love I was looking at you." Harry says and kisses me.

"PDA!" All the boys yell.

I kiss him on the lips again. They all groan, and I giggle.

"We are having a girls day!" I shout.

"But baby! I don't want cha to leave me!" Harry whines.

"Aw that sucks for you." I whine back. Then Jayde walk downstairs. She has on a blue lacey dress that goes just above her knee, nude heels, and a necklace that has a heart pendant. A nude lipstick, and tan eye shadow with eyeliner and mascara. Her skin is naturally prefect and she has natural waves.

"Ohh girls day! Yeah! Haven't had one in FOREVER!" Jayde say. She kisses Liam's cheek, grabs our hands, and pulls us out to the car.


We go to the spa and get mani/pedis. I get black, Jayde get a light pink, and Jenna gets French manicures. When our nails are down we get massages. It feels so good! I never had one before today. After that we get facials.

Next we go to a little diner called 'Pies, Cakes, Cookies Galore'. We all eat lunch. And I must say, I'm going back again soon!

Then we go to the mall. We go to Hot Topic for me, then Forever 21, H&M, Love Culture, Rue 21, Wet Seal, and Papaya. (don't know if they have these stores in the UK) But the Papz have to come and ruin our fun.

After running away for our lives and get in the car I see it's 7 o'clock.

"Damn we've been gone all day!" I say surprised.

"We should go to a club!" Jenna suggest.

"But you two are too young." Jayde says confused. I take out my fake ID and so does Jenna.

"No I'm 19." We say at the same time. We all burst out laughing. God tonight's gonna be awesome!


When we get to the house we climb up the tree to get to my room. We don't want the boys to not let us go. (outfits pic in comments) (oh and comment if you don't want me to put so much details about the outfits in the story)

We dig through my closet to find the perfect outfits. Jayde put on a coral colored dress that went a little above her knee. It has black lace on the bust part. She left on her nude heels, and straightened her hair. She put on white eye shadow then darker shadow at the end. Eyeliner on top and bottom, mascara then lip gloss to top off her look.

Jenna gets a exposed black body-con dress, and dark red platform heels. She adds more foundation, goldish Smokey eye shadow, eyeliner on top and bottom, mascara, then a tinted pink lip gloss.

I put on a dress that the bottom part is strapless and white, the top is a black lace




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