...stiles and Derek...


2. WTF! stiles?!

"STILES!!!" she yelled

"MELISSA!!!" I yelled

"DEREK!!!" she yelled

I had no clue what to do I looked up at her but she wasn't focused on me or stiles but...HOLY CRAP!!! I grabbed my pants from the floor and shoved them on. "Melissa what are you doing here!" stiles yelled as I watched him begin to blush. "I I, IM looking for your dad were supposed to be going on a date but stiles I I cant believe..." the look on her face explained it all as she watched stiles but on his shirt. "Melissa you cant tell no one p,promise me you wont say a thing, promise?" stiles looked so scared I wish I could have comforted him but with Scotts mom right here I couldn't. "I promise , but stiles I would tell your dad before.."i cut her off "before this happens with him" stiles looked at me." My dad is down in his room but you should knock" stiles said as if she should have done with us. She left the room stunned. I walked over to stiles I wrapped him in a hug from the back "We have to tell my dad" he said turning around to look at me. "I thought your dad hates me" I said " I don't think he hates you he hardly even knows you, just we should tell him okay?" he said sighing

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