...stiles and Derek...


3. telling him...

I watched stiles text his dad "what did you tell him?" I asked. "that I needed to talk to him" ohh... "so you want me to leave?" I said confused "No, no I want both of us to tell him" he replied as he hooped on his bed. "what exactly are you umm we going to tell him?" as I hooped on with him. "umm that I'm bi that I'm dating you an have been for a month that I love you he said I heard his heart beat faster "Derek please say something." his heart beated even faster. "stiles" his dad said when he walked in with a confused look on his face when he saw me "stiles?" he asked again. I looked at stiles too now "dad I,i...cant" he stammered he looked strait at me." mr.Silnski" I said "I love stiles"

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