...stiles and Derek...


7. no towles

I had to walk home because I had no car at his house. Once I got home I jumped in the shower to get all the sweat off me. I walked out off the shower and cleared a little spot in the mirror though the fog. I dug In the bottom cabinet for a towel but all there was a wash cloth. I walked out the bathroom and to the dyer. "Hi Derek." I turned around to find Jennifer staring at me. I was shocked!!! I reached in the dryer and grabbed a random towel and wrapped it around me. "what the fuck are you doing here!" I yelled. "calm your tits I didn't see anything, do you not remember we slept together?'' she said. I walked over to her and grabbed her neck. "Derek stop I want to help you" she screeched. "and how can you do that?" I replied "put me down Derek!" she yelled "if you insist" I said while dropping her on the floor. she stood up and looked at me. all I saw was her hand, then I blacked out...

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