...stiles and Derek...


12. infiniti and beyond

So there I was standing in the shower with stiles, us both wearing board shorts. ’’Okay so…” I asked “Ohh uhh… I told Scott.” He said “cool…what was his reaction?” “Uhh he was like, ya I guessed so and all that kinda stuff, well he wasn’t surprised. So you’re feeling better I see.” He said. “Apparently, and have you stayed here all this time?’’ I asked “uhh no…I’ve went to school and all my stuff but I’ve been here a lot, and my dad and I haven’t exactly been getting along so…’’ he looked like he was about to cry. “Uhh is it because of us?’’ I asked. “ya he doesn’t really like the idea of me being with you…something about your too old or because you’re a werewolf and other crap he’s just making up…’’ now he was crying, as awkward as it was I wrapped him in a hug. “Hey it will be okay.” I said, because that’s all I could think of since I was not use to being real emotional. I turned off the water and we both got out. “I love you and my dad won’t stop it or no one will” he said smiling. “Hmm how can I top that.’’ I laughed “I love you to infinity and beyond!” I yelled. “To infinity and beyond…” he replied.

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