...stiles and Derek...


11. black blood

Stiles kissed me and told me it’s okay.

 “Scott I’m done!” stiles yelled. As Scott walked in I gave him and evil stare as he smiled. “Have fun?” Scott said. “Haha!” stiles said sarcastically.  I felt so sick; the vet walked over and put some power on my cheek. “This still won’t heal right away but,” I leaned off the side of my bed and threw up black blood. “Omg are you okay!” stiles yelled. I leaned back on my pillow fell asleep.

I woke up in the morning, Stiles was sleeping in the corner chair and Scott’s boss was on the floor sleeping. I looked over to my side and saw buckets full of my throw up, I don’t remember even waking. I sat up and felt fine, I slid off my bed and grabbed the buckets and dumped them out in the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and saw my face had heeled. I went back to the room and grabbed my phone and checked the calendar, It was July 15 I had been in a bed for 2 weeks! I walked to the dyer grabbed a towel and jumped in the shower. I heard a knock on door  "Derek?!" it was stiles. "Yaa" I yelled back. The cracked open about 2 minutes later. "uhh stiles?". He shoved his hand in with a pair of mine board shorts. "Wtf are you doing stiles?". "I need to talk to you." he said "you couldn't have waited?" I replied "hmm...I need to talked to you alone." he said laughing.

so there I was standing in the shower with stiles, both wearing board shorts.

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