...stiles and Derek...


15. 5:00 in the morning

It was 5:03a.m when I had gotten up. The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes was stiles, sleeping, with his mouth open and a little trail of drool falling from it. As cute as it was, I flew back on the bed freaking out. It’s not like I’m used to waking up next to a guy every morning, none the less stiles drooling everywhere.  I slowly got up, not trying to wake him and got in the shower.    

I walked out the bathroom door and looked around for stiles. But I couldn’t find him. Then he popped up out of nowhere and jumped up on me, making out with me, like hard core. He wrapped his hands around my neck and I grabbed his ass to keep him up on me.  I could feel him smile through my lips. Ugghh why is he so cute c: I started to smile even more. Then we both were smiling, and I pulled away. “What was that for?” I asked. He was still wrapped around me, and I was still by the bathroom door. I started to walk back over to the bed. “Well…” stiles kissed me again, and again, and again. I lay him down on the bed.  Then I pulled myself away.  “What’s wrong?” he asked. “Uhh I don’t know, like don’t you want to do something like real for your birthday?” I replied.  He looked up at me and raised his eyebrows. “OH I want to do something” he said he traced my happy trail down to my v-line down to the very top of the towel.  I smiled; I thought it was so funny how he wanted to get in my pants so bad, then again I felt bad for him, knowing I wouldn’t let him go there till he was 18 (besides the fact he had to change my boxers-_-). I would always let him tease himself though. Whenever he wanted to, of course. I would let him; he just doesn’t know I would.  He started to unlatch the towel some. Then I grabbed his hand and said “Not till your 18”. He sighed and we walked down stairs.

Scott, Lydia, Isaac and Allison all showed up after about 12p.m and we just kind of hung out in the living room for a while. It was weird thoe… everyone was holding hands except me and stiles. We hadn’t told Lydia or Allison… or ISAAC. It’s not like I was embarrassed or anything I just wasn’t sure how stiles felt about it. Then Allison and Lydia cooked dinner for us and stiles. We all walked to the bathroom to wash our hands and I motioned stiles to follow me, as I started to go up to his room. I could feel him watching my butt as I walked up the steps. I turned around and gave him a stare and looked down at my own ass, then continued up the steps. At the last few steps he had reached up and grabbed my ass. “Just to make sure you don’t fall on your way up” he smiled. I shook my head laughing and kept walking.

As we washed our hands I found myself staring at his hands. “So uh when do you want to tell everybody?” I asked. “Ohh I don’t care” he said. And as we walked back down the stairs, I made sure stiles didn’t fall, just like he did to me. Just because I’m a good boyfriend like that.

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