one direction imagnes

one direction imagines I know theres a lot but comment your name and the 1D guy you love and any addiotonal info and don't forget to like :)


4. this ones for Mikki (zayn)

You and Zayn have been dating for about a year but you had a serious secret that you kept from him and everybody else you didnt like to admit it but you had Anorexia and you cut, thats why you always had on long sleves, but thats not what you told zayn, you told him you like the comfort of long sleeves and you told him you hate swimming which its a good thing he cant swim well.

So Zayn was coming home from a meeting today at 5 so sinces it was only 3 you went to the bathroom you didnt bother locking the door since you were the only one home, so you took one look in the mirror and thought you were ugly and worthless when in reality you were the exact oppistie beatiful and talented. But you made yourself believe that you were worthless and ugly so as you were thinking these things you rolled up your sleeves and grabbed a razor and everytime you would think of something you would make a cut and scream and crying in pain. Mean while the meeting ended early cause Harry got sick so Zayn got home early and when he herd you screaming he ran up the stairs and into the bathroom as he looked down he saw blood all over the place tear stains on your face and you trying to hide your cuts but this time it didnt work and as he asked whats wrong why would you do this everything went black for you. So as soon as Zayn noticed your eyes closing he dialed 911 and for 2 days you were out of it, but as soon as you woke up you saw zayn standing right beside you holding your hand it looked like he had been crying hard. As soon as he saw you awake he hugged you and told you everything was gonna be okay and that whatever the promble was that you were gonna get through it together. You felt so relived since you had no more secrets to keep from him and that you didnt have to do this alone.



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