one direction imagnes

one direction imagines I know theres a lot but comment your name and the 1D guy you love and any addiotonal info and don't forget to like :)


3. this ones for cece (niall)

Cece POV

Come on you should go it will be good for you my best friend tried her best to get me to go to some party that im clearly not in the mood to go to since I just i had a bad break up with my ex. Why should i go? i asked her, causes my date has a dateless friend who needs a date and hes cute she said with pleading in her voices. Alright i said giving in but im only doing this for you. Ok be ready be 8 see ya later she said and with that she left.  So i decide on wearing a purple sparkly knee length strap less dress. So at 8'o clock they were here to pick me up i took a deep breath and walked out and got in the back seat where this cute blonde hair blue eye guy was sitting. Hello im Niall he said in a irish accent she was right he was cute, hi im Cece i said. As soon as we got there my bff and her date took of so i was alone with Niall not that i didnt like him or anything its just been awhile sinces i've been out. At first it was kinda werid but then he broke the silecne which i was so greatful for he told me i had beautiful brown eyes i blushed and thanked him then he started talking about random things and i found out he was irish, had an obession with this restraunt Nandos and he promised to take me there sometime. So we talked the night away and danced a little and at the end of the night we exchanged phone numbers. Now arent you glad i made you go my friend asked so answered honestly yes. I didnt belive him when he said i will call you tomorrow but he did and today we were going out for lunch after my last break up i didnt think that i would or could fall for someone again but it looks like Niall proved me wrong.

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