She DOESN'T talk

Jessica is a normal 18 years old girl. Normal? Not really, she's different, she got in a lot of trouble in her life, so she isn't like the other girls. She doesn't talk, she doesn't want to. When she gets to know 5 boys, she likes them. If they like her too, she's in trouble.
*Cover by CorkyPorky*


9. Long Day

Jessica's POV

"Shhh they might hear you... But Harry is so nice, sweet, hot, caring and just perfect. And Louis he is all the same, except that he is the funniest person I met, but I feel like a weird bond between Louis. I'm 18 and he's 21, he's almost 22, and Harry's 19." I told Patricia. I was surprised she looked happy, but she is my best friend. I don't think I'll ever find a better friend. Yeah, Ellie and this anonymous guy are my best friends, but Patty's the best. Just then, the guys walked in. I don't really know what came over me, but I felt nervous. What if they heard me?

"What did we miss? Did you finish your girly talk?" Louis asked in a teenage girl voice. I laughed and shook my head.

"You missed nothing important guys..." Patty said.

"Hey babe..." Niall told Patricia then he kissed her. It turned out to a make out session.

"Alright..." I said looking at the ground.

"How was today?" Harry whispered to me. 

"It was good, Patty and I talked..." I whispered. Zayn, Liam and Louis were on their phones if I hadn't told you. Harry opened his mouth to talk but someone knocked on the door. Liam locked his phone, mumbling something like I'll get it, and made his way towards the front door. Patricia and Niall were whispeing some stuff I couldn't catch. The rest of us stayed silent when the door opened, then when it closed, Liam came back.

"The history teacher said we must go back to our rooms. And this is a normal trip, we can do whatever we want but we have to respect some rules. Which means we should go to our room early." Liam informed us. You would of heard some alrightokayfine and stuff like that. I hugged Niall, Zayn, Liam, Louis, and last but not least, Patricia. I took my phone while Harry was opening the door.

"Goodnight guys!" I whispered. Harry closed the door, then we walked in the elevator. The room was right next to the elevator, which was great. We stayed silent the whole time, not because it was awkward between us (which wasn't awkward), but because I shouldn't talk in front of people who know me. Alright, let's just skip that boring thing.

Once we were in the room, I sat on my bed while Harry kind of attacked his. I laughed, so he turned to face me with a smirk. "What?" I asked.

"Aren't you tired?" He asked me, while I just shook my head. He got up and walked towards me, I knew what he was thinking about. My eyes widened. He tickled me, while I laughed.

"Stop... Please... Harry... This... Is... Awful!" I managed to say between laughs. He shook his head, making his curls move. I laughed harder, and I somehow got away from him and ran, which made him do the same. But since we're in a room, he caught me.

"You! How dare you run away?!" He asked me in a funny way. I kept laughing while he put me on my bed, then he got on his. "We gotta sleep now, tomorrow we have a free day but we have to get out of the hotel. Goodnight." 

"Night Harry..." I said, closing my eyes to sleep.

Next Day

I woke up at 6:30 am, since I usually woke up around that time. I got a shower, straightened my brown hair, wore my usual makeup wore black leggings, a red jumper and black UGG boots. Harry was still sleeping, but he wasn't snoring. At first, I was playing on my phone, then I got bored, so I read some quotes on the internet. Around 7:15 am I was really bored so I texted Patty.

To: Patricia

Hey, are you awake?

No answer. I'll take that as a no. Then I wanted to wake Harry up so I walked towards his bed, and shook him softly. Nothing? Fine. "Harry? Wake up, it's a quarter past 7. Harry?" I whispered. He turned to face me, apparently since no one else was in the room, and opened his eyes.

"Morning..." He said in his sleepy voice.

"Good morning. Did you sleep well?" I asked while he got up.

"Yeah, I did. You?" He asked me. 

"Same." I said. Harry took a shower and got ready for whatever we were gonna do today. That was when my phone beeped. I had a new message so I checked it.

From: Patricia

Yeah, just woke up. Can you and Harry come over?

"Um, Harry? Apparently Niall wants to talk to you so Patty asked us to go to their room."

"Yeah, sure. Just a second." He grabbed his phone and the room key. "Let's go." I got up (yup I, actually, was sitting on my bed) and walked towards the door. Let's just skip that boring scene again.

I knocked on Niall and Patty's door, and within seconds Niall opened the door. "Come in!" He said in a happy mood.

"You wanted to talk to me?" Harry asked Niall, while I closed the door.

"Yeah, actually. Jess, stay here with Patty while me and Harry are going to have a walk, and maybe talk about something." Niall told me.

"Are you ordering me?" I asked, acting hurt. He nodded.

"Then I'm not going to obey." I acted. Niall started tickling me so I laughed. "Alright, sorry!" I said, still laughing. Niall stopped.

"That's good. Don't forget that I know your weaknesses..." Niall said, acting evil. Harry and I laughed, then Patricia came.

"OH, HI!" She greeted us. "Niall, Harry, get out. Go talk about something. Just leave." She said. Niall pouted.

"Again with your girly talks?" He said, Patty nodded. "Alright, see ya!" He said, then he and Harry left.

"What are they gonna talk about?" I asked her.

"Something. What are you planning on doing today?" She asked me. I haven't thought about that, have I?

"I don't know... OH, maybe we could visit Ellie!" I told her. I think it was a great idea. I met Ellie when I was 3 here in Rome, then her family and mine moved to London. Around the age of 4, we met Patricia and became best friends. When we were 11, Ellie moved back here but we kept in touch.

"Yeah! But, Simon said you should try not to go in public. Who cares?! Let's go!" She said, I swear she's the best and weirdest girl ever, that's why we're best friends.

"Maybe we could tell Paul?" She nodded. We left the room and went to Mr. Higgins' room. Patricia knocked on the door, so he opened right away.

"Oh, Patricia! Hi, come in!" Patty and I got in, so he closed the door. "Jessica, right?" He asked me, I nodded.

"Mr. Higgins, can we visit our old friend? She lives here in Rome, please?" I asked.

"Uh, first, call me Paul. And it's complicated... But if you're not gonna be in public most of the time, then yes, you can. You can tell the boys too if you want..." He said, looking at Patty. She put a finger on her lips, so there's something everyone knows about except me...

"Thank you, Paul. But what is it with the boys? I mean it's been weird since this morning, Niall, Harry, Patricia and apparently you are hiding something from me." I said.

"You'll know later." Paul and Patty said in unison. I nodded, then Patty and I left the room. 

We left the hotel and took a cab. The man was italian, I think.

"Dove posso guidare?" He asked nicely. I don't think I told you, but I speak italian.

"Vicino a Via Veneto, per favore." I told him. The man drove us, but it was a 20 minutes drive.

"Il costo è di 16 €." He told us. I handed him the money.

"Grazie!" I said while Patty and I got out of the cab. We walked towards the building, and got in. We stepped in the elevator, and got on the 5th floor. 

We walked in front of the door. "I miss her." Patricia said.

"Me too. Come on." I knocked on the door. The door suddenly opened, revealing my blond haired friend. Her emerald eyes widened.

"Jess, Patty! I miss you so much!" She screamed while hugging the both of us. We got in and she closed the door. "Why haven't you told me you were here in Rome?" She asked, excited.

"We wanted to surprise you, and we did." Patty said, smiling.

"Sure you did! Make yourselves at home, and would you like something to drink, since it's cold?" She asked us.

"We already made ourselves at home! And yeah, hot chocolate would be good!" I told my old friend. "Same!" Patricia said.

"Alright, one second..." Ellie told us. She left us alone in her house, making us look around. Her house was normal, but I think she lives alone, so it's big. It has three rooms, one office room, so let's say four rooms, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, two bathrooms and a balcony. Speaking of Ellie, she has blue-grey eyes, straight red hair which was supposed to be black and she's really nice.

"Here." I turned around to face Ellie, she handed me and Patty the hot chocolate.

"Thanks." Patty and I said in unison. We all looked at each other and laughed. Then we sat in her living room.

"So, how's life?" Ellie asked us.

"It's cool, I got a new boyfriend that I really love, and your friend here decided to talk." Patty said quickly, then she took a sip from her mug.

"Ooh, really?! Why? What happened?" Ellie asked me.

"Well I decided to talk to Patty only, but she told some guys who became our friends..." I said, normally, not too fast.

"Oh yeah, I know who you mean. Now Patricia, tell me about that boyfriend of yours... I heard he's famous..." Ellie smirked.

"Um, he is famous. You know that famous boyband?" Patty asked, blushing. Ellie and I laughed.

"I know who it is, Niall Horan from One Direction!" Ellie said, giggling, while we laughed. "What about Jess?"

"She's in love!" Patty told Ellie, playfully.

"What?! My friend's in love? With who? A new kid? Is he nice? Or annoying? Is he a jerk? Wait, is he your ex?" Ellie kept asking questions.

"The one and only Harry Styles! But she's confused. She likes Louis too, but there's a bond between the both of them." Patricia told her everything. I had a tiny smile on my face while Patty talked.

"Oh, so you're that mystery girl in the news!"

"Apparently..." I mumbled.

"You're blushing!" They both told me. Party's phone rang, so she answered it.

"Hey babe!" ... "Yeah we left to see Ellie, our friend... We told Paul." ... "I miss you too! And yeah, same here!" ... "Great, so you'd get to meet her, she's lovely!" ... "But we're staying till 7 pm or something..." ... "Okay, see you soon!"

"So? I heard my name." Ellie asked.

"The boys and Paul are picking us up at 7 pm, so they'll get to meet you."

"Cool! So about Jessica, is she dating him?" Ellie asked, pointing at me.

"No, they're not, but who knows?" Patty smirked.

"How about you?" I asked her.

"Everything's good. I got a boyfriend too, his name is James Collins, he's 18 and well, we do not share this flat." Ellie joked, while Patty and I laughed.

Later that day

We talked with Ellie for a few hours, and apparently Ellie and I are going to the same university in Paris! Woohoo! Patricia's gonna keep studying in London. The doorbell rang, so Patty opened it and came back with six people following.

"Peanut!" Niall screamed then hugged me. "I missed you, lil' sis'." He told me.

"Me too, Nialler! Hey guys, hello Paul." I greeted everyone, then I hugged them, while Patty hugged everyone too. "Guys, this is our old friend Ellie, she's half British half Italian." I introduced her to everyone.

We all had a little talk, then we left, because we had to be in the hotel before 9 pm. When we were in the car, Niall, Patricia, Paul, Liam, Louis and Zayn were smirking. I had wide eyes, apparently, Harry had the same expression.

"What's up guys?" Harry asked, breaking the silence.

"Oh, nothing." They said. That's not normal, something is going on.

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