She DOESN'T talk

Jessica is a normal 18 years old girl. Normal? Not really, she's different, she got in a lot of trouble in her life, so she isn't like the other girls. She doesn't talk, she doesn't want to. When she gets to know 5 boys, she likes them. If they like her too, she's in trouble.
*Cover by CorkyPorky*


1. Introduction

Hey, I'm Jessica, you can call me Jess, Jessy or Jey. I know it's a bit strange but my dog's names are Jessy and Picasso. Anyways, I have brown hair with blond shades, and dark chocolate eyes. I love pink, purple, violet... and all those girly colors. I don't wear any dresses or skirts, my makeup is simple: Eyeliner, Mascara, Blush and Lip Gloss. I don't 'flirt' with boys like the other girls do, because 1, I don't feel that thing called 'love', 2, all the boys I know aren't 'the perfect one', 3, I'm not popular, 4, I don't act sweetly. I'm British, I have a brother, his name is Alex, he's 21, we never talk, because he's kind of in his own world... My mother, Louise, is a doctor, never agrees with me, so I don't want to talk to her. My father, Edward, is great but his reactions scare me, so I have to think a thousand times before I speak to him. I hate going to school, and you know why. I don't talk, I can but I don't want to. I have an account on a website and I know someone pretty well, but I don't know his name. His username is ChatterBox and mine is ChatGirl. It's been a month since I knew him, school was getting worst everyday and people are really annoying.


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