She DOESN'T talk

Jessica is a normal 18 years old girl. Normal? Not really, she's different, she got in a lot of trouble in her life, so she isn't like the other girls. She doesn't talk, she doesn't want to. When she gets to know 5 boys, she likes them. If they like her too, she's in trouble.
*Cover by CorkyPorky*


6. In trouble

I had a nightmare, and it wasn't even good. I dreamt about the girls at school, and the class was going to Rome with our history teacher. We couldn't choose our roommates and I was stuck with them, they knew my secret... I can't remember the rest but I know it was awful. Why? Well, I have tears on my cheeks. When I thought about that nightmare, and Rome, I thought about one of my best friends, Ellie, she's half Italian half British. I knew her since I was 3, hopefully we kept in touch, so I have her number. I need to chat with someone right now but I don't know who. Right! I totally forgot about him! You know, ChatterBox! Maybe I could text him now...

ChatGirl: Hey, so sorry I haven't been texting you! I was so busy... How are you?

ChatterBox: Hey! I'm sorry too, I was busy, ya know, school... And I'm fine, thx, you?

ChatGirl: I'm good, well, not really, I had the worst nightmare ever!! I don't even want to talk about it! What did you do these days?

ChatterBox: Well, doing homework, hanging out with my friends...

ChatGirl: What's up with her?

ChatterBox: Who?

ChatGirl: Your crush...

ChatterBox: Nothing much, we've been hanging out together, but my friends were with us!! :(

ChatGirl: So you're saying that they're taking her away from you?

ChatterBox: Yes, and they have a crush on her too! I mean, we're all friends with her right now, but it's hard to make her love me because my 3 other friends like her too...

ChatGirl: Why don't you ask her out?

ChatterBox: Well, didn't I just met her a few days ago?! Plus, I think I should take things really slow...

ChatGirl: Yeah, good luck with that...

ChatterBox: Stop joking! I might be jealous 'cuz my friend has a girlfriend...

ChatGirl: Pffft! You're such a kid! How old are you again? 7?

ChatterBox: No, I'm not 7, okay? Anyway, can you help me?

ChatGirl: Welllll, try to find something you both like, and work on it!

ChatterBox: Thx, you're the best!

ChatGirl: Yeah, I know! Gotta go!

ChatterBox: See ya later!

I locked my phone and got up. I got in the bathroom, washed my face, brushed my teeth, re-fixed my makeup. My hair wasn't messy, so I left it naturally behind my back, I didn't curl it or anything, so it was straight. I took my phone, the house keys and the dogs and left.

Surprisingly I was in a good mood, and I had a smile on my face. But that smile dropped when my eyes got blurry because of the flashing lights, it was nearly 7 pm by now. I forced my eyelids to stay open, so I saw a lot of people with cameras, taking pictures and running towards me. Wait, they were paparazzi's! And next to them was about 100 girls screaming, looking like fans to me. "THERE SHE IS!!!" I heard one of them scream, pointing at me.

A voice was yelling at me in the back of my head, telling me to run. But I froze. Yes, FROZE. These people were a bit far, but they were making too much noise that my dogs barked. I was still in front of my house, so I texted Zayn. 'I'm dead, your fans are killing me outside, help!' yeah, I know, it's a bit childish but hey, I'm getting mobbed by people! I heard a few questions like "What's your name?", "How old are you?", and stuff like that. Some paparazzi's were showing me pictures of Harry and I, walking to school together, pictures of me and the boys at the mall today, and pictures of Niall and Patricia, then they were asking "How do you describe these?", then a stupid question came. "Which One Direction member are you dating?", but right after that I tall man wearing black clothes(sunglasses and a hat too, but it was night), pulling me out of hell. The dogs, the man in black and I ran to the boys's house as fast as we could. The man unlocked the door to let us(me and the dogs) in, we got in so I released the dogs. The man was probably locking the door while I made my way to the living room where everyone was. Well, everyone except Zayn.

"Hey guys, wha- where's Zayn?" I asked, but none of them answered. I felt two hands on my shoulders, causing me to jump a little. I thought it was Zayn, but it was that man in black from earlier. Oh, I haven't realized until now, he has a beard, looking like a fake one. I was scared from the man, until he took off his hat revealing a black quiff, then taking off his sunglasses revealing hazel eyes. He looked like Zayn with a beard.

"I'm right here!" He said while he hugged me. We pulled away, his fake beard almost falling off of his face, which made me laugh.

"Why did you go alone?!" I knew that voice, Harry. But an angry Harry, I would say. Then I remembered he wanted to go with me.

"I didn't want to, uh, waste your time." I lied. First thing I had in mind, but I'm sure it didn't work 'cuz I'm a terrible liar.

"If I asked you, it means I wanted to go with you!" He kinda yelled at me. "You're a terrible liar by the way!" He added.

"Well-" I started but of course...

"You asked her out?" Louis asked Harry, looking shocked.

"No, I didn't, I just said I wanted to have a walk with her..."

"See, he's right. Anyway, I had a nightmare, I was in a bad mood and I didn't want to talk about it." I told them, but mostly to Harry. "And there's no need to be harsh!"

"And why did you text Zayn?" Harry asked, even angrier than before.

"Am I in a policeman's office?" I asked, a bit annoyed.

"Alright, I'm sorry, I was just... so worried about you. Come on, sit next to me." He said, pointing at the empty seat next to him.

"If... you want me to forgive you, I'm going to sit between Liam and Louis." I said. It's not that I don't forgive him, I do, but I love changing his facial expression.

"O-okay." He said, looking at the ground, while I sat between the two boys. I felt an arm pulling me closer, it was Liam.

"He's just jealous." He whispered, so no one could hear him. I slowly nodded.

"Did the paparazzi's ask any questions?" Niall asked, probably knowing the answer.

"Oh yes, and your fans as well... They were actually really kind..." I joked. "Of course they did! They asked stupid questions like 'which One Direction member are you dating?', and questions like..." And I told them everything.

"Did ya answer?" Harry asked.

"1, I froze, 2, if anyone at school saw me talking, then I'm dead, 3, what should've I said?" I said in a matter of fact...

"Good." Liam said, revealing a sight.

"THAT'S RIGHT JESS!!!" Louis screamed on top of his lungs, making all of us laugh. Patricia took the remote and flipped throw channels, everything seemed boring until this came out...

"What happened to One Direction guys? Well, it's been a few days since we saw this girl hanging out with the boys and with Niall Horan's girlfriend, Patricia. They look like close friends, but we still know nothing about her. We don't even know how they met. A few paparazzi's were following her and took these recent pictures: *(a few pictures appeared)* Some rumors are saying she's dating one of the boys... That's all we know, but we have loads of questions to One Direction in the interview tomorrow, so get ready!" The TV host said.

"Oh... my... God." I said unbelievingly.

"You're in so much trouble, Jessica." Patricia said seriously. Okay, I started to panic. I walked back and forth mumbling things to myself.

"Calm down Jess..."

"How am I supposed to calm down if I'm on the news?!"

"We're gonna live life. We're gonna tell them tomorrow about the reality. We're gonna tell them you're our friend." Niall said, they all agreed.

"At what time is your interview?" I asked, trying to calm down.

"At 9 in the morning, I think..." Liam said.

"WHAT?! You're missing school?!" They nodded.

"What if my nightmare comes true? Oh my God, I'll just die if that happens!" I thought I was thinking, but I guess I was talking.



Hey guys, I updated! Sorry if that chapter sucks, but I've got a surprise in the next chapter! And I've got an idea for the story later... Anyway, thank you so much for the views, comments, favorites and likes! 

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