She DOESN'T talk

Jessica is a normal 18 years old girl. Normal? Not really, she's different, she got in a lot of trouble in her life, so she isn't like the other girls. She doesn't talk, she doesn't want to. When she gets to know 5 boys, she likes them. If they like her too, she's in trouble.
*Cover by CorkyPorky*


4. Feeling bad

Harry and I walked to school hand in hand, let me just say that he was SQUEEZING my hand. We arrived there 10 minutes before lessons, so Patricia and the boys were there. I hugged her and the others, then they talked. I was thinking about how nice they were, but of course I was interrupted. Not by the boys or Patricia, but by the 'popular girls' in school. I left the boys and headed to my locker, hopefully the hallway was empty, I'm sure that they were all around the boys. I opened my locker and found a note: STAY AWAY FROM THE NEW STUDENTS. It was from Cassandra, one of the 'populars'. Ugh, today was going to be horrible. I felt two hands on my shoulders so I jumped and turned around, it was Louis. I gave the 'you almost gave me a heart attack' look, trying to make him laugh but he didn't. He looked serious.

"Why did you leave us?" He asked, looking curious. I looked around to see if there was anyone in the hallways but it was empty.

"Because we can't be friends, those girls are going to play their little games." I whispered, because I didn't want anyone to hear me.

"What 'little games'?" He asked me.

"Being nice, make all of you fall for them so they become your girlfriends, tell you bad stuff about me so you would hate me, become famous then break your heart. Just do what they want, but we can't be friends. Because I don't want any hate and-" I whispered but he cut me off.

"We won't let you down, we'll help you. And we've already fallen for a girl who isn't one of them. I'm sure the girl I like is better." He said and hugged me tightly.

We left hallways and looked for the boys. We found them and got them out of there. We had French so we went to the classroom. Patricia had another class so she wasn't with us, I sat on a chair but all the boys came: Harry sat on my right, Liam on my left, Louis in front of me, Zayn behind me and Niall next to Zayn. It wasn't awkward, it was friendly. I mean if they weren't here, I would of been fighting with Cassandra and Zoey's group. We finished class and everything was perfect. Because I was surrounded by the boys and Patricia the whole time, so no problems at all. We finished school and went home. It was finally week-end! I got in my room while Patty and the boys were talking in the living room. As soon as I sat on one side of the bed, I heard a knock on the door.

"Come in!" I yelled. Liam came in and closed the door.

"Is everything ok?" He asked nicely.

"Yeah, everything is...fine." I said truthfully.

"Don't worry about anything, we're going to help you through everything, I promise." He said nicely, I nodded and hugged him.

He left the room and closed the door. A knock on the door again, I yelled the same thing as before, not knowing who it was. Zayn.

"Hey Zayn!" I said.

"Get ready. We're ALL going out." He told me. "And I'm gonna fix your hair." 

"Really?! I never thought a boy would do that to me!" I joked.

Zayn left the room so I could get ready. I got a quick shower and fixed my makeup. Since it was sunset, I wore jeans and a blue shirt with long sleeves. I wore the same converse as this morning(which were blue) and called Zayn so he could fix my hair. He came and hid my eyes with a scarf. After what felt like an hour(which was only 7 minutes), Zayn showed me my curly hair, with blue and pink fake highlights, it was so perfect. I hugged and thanked him for what he did. I got out of the room and went in the living room, there was only Patricia and Niall, and they looked ready. I didn't tell you, but Zayn was ready too.

"You look amazing!" Patty told me, and Niall agreed.

"Well, you look incredible!" I said. "So are you two together or not yet?" 

"Um... We uh-" Patricia started but Niall cut her off.

"I was going to ask her tonight, in front of you." Niall said with his Irish accent. Patty looked at him, but he leaned in and kissed her.

Let me say they're so cute together, but Zayn broke their romantic kiss and jumped on the couch screaming VAS HAPPENIN'. I laughed at what he did, because Patricia and Niall got shocked. 

"I won't let any of you take my sister with curly hair. She's way to beautiful for you Zayn." Niall joked.

The boys came in chatting, but looked at me(their jaws dropped) weirdly. I hid my face in the pillow because it was awkward.

"You're SO beautiful!" Harry, Louis and Liam said. I took the pillow of my face and threw it at them. 

"Thank you. Where are we going?" I asked.

"Somewhere... You look amazing!" Louis said.

"Thank you." I said. Harry took my hand and ran towards the door. He led me to his car. 

The others probably got in their own cars, anyway Harry was so nice to me, and we were talking about our exes and stuff likes that. I have 2 exes who weren't perfect: one of them was annoying, the other fell in love with a different girl. There's a boy who was 'popular' asked me out but I refused, so he kinda hates me now. Harry said he likes a girl, but doesn't know how to tell her. I couldn't say that I kinda like him, Zayn, Louis and Liam. But I wasn't that happy when he told me he likes a girl. I didn't show I was jealous of her because I don't even know her. Harry parked in front of a huge building, or let me say MOVIES.

We watched a scary movie, but this time I was so scared. Not because it was a SCARY MOVIE, but because the girl was in almost the same situation as me: she likes 3 different guys and she has to chose in the end, but she's also receiving hate from people so she killed them. Then, she felt bad, so she killed herself. When we went home, Patty was going to sleep at Niall's, so I was alone. At night I couldn't sleep, I was so scared, I was shaking. I know it's rude because it was midnight, but I called Harry. I told him to come over because I was scared, so he came. We've been talking all night until I fell asleep, it's kinda weird, I know. I slept on Harry's chest, I won't say I felt safe, but it felt like a pillow. I hate to say that but I think I love him.

I woke up, I had no nightmares, I looked around me and saw a sleeping Harry. I didn't want to wake him up so I didn't move. I kept my eyes closed because of the daylight. I couldn't stop thinking about Harry and the boys, I know I love them. I know I'll regret it, but I can't stop myself from falling for them. Then I heard a sleepy voice.

"I know you're awake." Harry mumbled. "Good morning, beautiful." He kissed my cheek.

"Good morning Harry, did you sleep well?" I asked. 

"If you're with me, of course I did, you?"

"Great, thanks for coming when I needed you." I thanked him.

"Your welcome, where do you want to go today?" He asked me nicely.

"Well, I don't know. Anywhere would be good. We could to a mall, shop, have  hot chocolate... You know, this boring stuff would be good today." 

"Okay, so we can tell the others to get ready, as we do too, then we can go to a mall. And can I have a walk with you and your dogs tonight? Please?" He gave me this puppy face.   

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