She DOESN'T talk

Jessica is a normal 18 years old girl. Normal? Not really, she's different, she got in a lot of trouble in her life, so she isn't like the other girls. She doesn't talk, she doesn't want to. When she gets to know 5 boys, she likes them. If they like her too, she's in trouble.
*Cover by CorkyPorky*


2. 5 new students?

Today at school, I heard that 5 new students are coming tomorrow. That's so annoying, I know they're going to hate me because I don't talk. I need to chat to my best friend ChatterBox. I sent him a message.

ChatGirl: Hey, how are you?

ChatterBox: I'm fine, you?

ChatGirl: Bad, really bad. 5 new students are coming to my school tomorrow. I know they're going to hate me, because I don't talk...

ChatterBox: Oh, I'm going to a new school tomorrow too, with my friends. I wish it's your school so I can see you... And wait, they won't hate you because you don't talk! They don't know the reason, so they can't just hate you! Anyways, I hate being a new student...

ChatGirl: It must be annoying! You know, if we meet, one day, I think I'll 'talk' to you! :) Look, my mom's asking me to sleep, so I'll be online tomorrow so I can tell you what happens, good night!

ChatterBox: Good night :)


I closed my laptop and started thinking about tomorrow, I jumped in bed and slept. The next morning, I woke up an hour before school, I took a shower, I straightened my hair(which is naturally curly), I wore my simple makeup(Eyeliner, Blush, Mascara and Lip Gloss in case you forgot), I wore white jeans, a black shirt, a white scarf and black converse. I went in the kitchen, I drank orange juice. I took my schoolbag, my phone and my car keys and leave. I got in the car and drove to school, I parked the car and got out. There were five new cars(maybe the new students cars) parked too. I got in school it was kind of empty, wait, am I late? I looked at the time, and actually no, I'm not, still 15 minutes left before the ring. I looked around and saw everyone around the new students. They look famous, and cute. Someone hugged me from my back, I knew that smell, it's Patricia, my best friend. She always puts 'J'adore' from Christian Dior. I turned around to face her.

"Hey! How are you?" She asked. I smile and point at her, which means 'good, you?'.

"Oh, I'm fine. The principal asked me to tell you that you are going to show the new students around." She said.

I took my phone out of my pocket and texted her 'Since you aren't going to be with me, I need their numbers so I could text them.' She read the message and nodded. She left to see the boys. I decided to text ChatterBox.

ChatGirl: Hey, how's everything doing?

ChatterBox: Fine, just a lot of people around me and my friends... you?

ChatGirl: Have to show the new students around school...

ChatterBox: A girl's going to show me around school, so I hope it goes well!

ChatGirl: Oh, ok. I guess they're coming back, so we'll talk later!

They all came towards me. My phone was in my hand, so Patricia took it and handed it to each one of the boys. I guess they saved their number.

"Jess, this is Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn. Guys, this is Jessica." She said while they saved their number. They gave me the phone back, then the bell rang. "I guess I gotta go, see ya later!" Patricia said and left.

I showed them around school, but we haven't finished, so we'll continue after lunch. At lunch, I sat next Patricia and some other girls, and the boys were sitting together. I took my phone out and texted my friend.

ChatGirl: Hey, what's up with that girl?

ChatterBox: Everything's fine. I got her number, she's nice, and beautiful.

ChatGirl: Oooh, you like her! Well, I like the new students too, they're kind and cute.

ChatterBox: I never thought a girl would say that to a boy!

ChatGirl: Well, you are my best friend, aren't you?

ChatterBox: I think I am! And you are my best friend too, though I don't even know your name, and I've never seen you before...

ChatGirl: You know, you're making me spend my lunch time on chatting! I'll eat and if I have time, I'll text you.

ChatterBox: Fine, see you later, then!

After lunch, I showed the boys the gym, the library... and the detention room. The day was over, so I got out of school, and got in my car. I drove back home, parked the car and went inside the house. My brother wasn't home, he's probably out with his girlfriend, Selena. I left my schoolbag on the ground and went in the living room (because I had no homework). My parents were there. They gave me keys. I looked at the keys, then I looked back at my parents with a confused look.

"Since you're 18, we decided you could live alone in a house. It's near here, it's furnished, your stuff is already there, so take the dogs and go." My mother said.

 I hugged both of my parents, they gave me directions that could lead me to the new house, my new house. I took my dogs, my schoolbag, my phone, the keys(the car keys and the house keys) and my parents gave me a credit card. I drove there and parked my car. I went on the stairs and I just realized something weird.

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