The Western's Sandy Dune Ranch

Carson owns the land, runs the place with his gran-pappy. They work together to be the one on one sheriff's. It's a disaster soon to go wild as a new cowboy mixes with a group of bandits. - It's only a matter of time before our end. - Those bandits have taken every last drop of water that had rinsed the blood from our hands. And now, It's rather a Show-Down or Pay-Back. It's difficult to decide, so what will I do...?

- Written By: Luke J.R -

Thanks Luke J.R for the Cover.

- Thanks for all the support lately fans (: -


1. Western Little Ole Town


Western Little Ole Town

Sand and dust forming together to make the branches that grasp onto our little ole towns. Dirty broken down junk just sitting on the ground, most likely waiting to be taken away. The dark beige pillar remains scattered around our buildings. Everyday an old shack is removed from our lands, we watch the sandstorms carry out the pain and suffering, and I stand there with a small pistol sitting in my quiver, my left pocket soon to be empty. – I promised myself, that this dusty town will break away. And even now, I’m starting to think that the dust never lied, and I’ve got a new name.

‘Morning Ace, we’ve had a hog-killing’ time down at the old barrels.’ He said.

As I held my pistol with my left stubby hand, stood in front of me with a small cowboy hat was a man I liked to call, Carson.

‘Morning Carson, I’d rather head back for a cup of Arbuckle’s.’ I said. Spitting on the floor, Carson sighed deeply. His head moved slightly, I could see that he was facing the broken down ruins of our barn.

‘Ah, just yesterday we lost that one…’ Carson sighed. I felt a little sweat starting to form from being under this scorching sun.

‘Yeah… and we’ve had better ones haven’t we?’ I replied.

Carson spat again, his spit landed on the sandy floor.

‘A grain of sand, it reminds me of our place’ Carson said.

Scratching my head with not knowing what the heck he was on about, I decided to stay quiet.

‘Oh I get it… you’ve got to get yourself a cup of Arbuckle’s.’ Carson said, as he tapped me on the back with his big hands.

‘Yeah, thanks for understanding’ I replied with a smile.

‘No problem, just make sure you’ll back here for sunset’ Carson whispered. His voice sounded quiet, although his friendly tap on the back felt more reassuring than our last encounter.

‘Good-bye’ Carson said. I watched him reload his two silver pistols. He had earned them from a showdown earlier.

Alone once again, walking past all those wooden buildings. Even passing a few shacks now and then, I’d just stop and admire the sight of this land. It’s a beautiful place to admire, and looking upon further into the dusty fogs. I noticed that there might be more out there. Possibly even a better town than the one we currently live in. I’d stop and just watch passengers pass by, and stallions leap across the hills of sand. All the piles of dust containing grains of sand, even the winds form the clouds of a cowboy. I’ve enjoyed this town ever since, and still can’t wait to re-live this place to the end. Carson had been too busy with his drinking, and I’ve got nothing more than a drink worth walking for. – I guess I’m the lucky one after-all. Who needs a horse shore, when you’ve got luck on your side…?

After travelling a few miles away from Carson’s shack, I finally arrived at the ole barrels. A place where a cup of Arbuckle’s is just waiting for anyone. The view from the small gaps between the circular shaped windows was just enough to be stunning. Although once the sun rises, it’s difficult to see anything out that window. Last time I came here, it was just admiring the sun’s rays. Unlike the others who just stop here for something to eat. I’d rather be out there dreaming… Carson has lied before, and I remember the time when he went out for some beef.

– “What a fine kill” he said. As he wiped the stench of flesh from his cheeks. Damn, those were the days… - Back when you could finally hunt down those wildebeest. It’s all worth it in the end, and I’m just waiting…?

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