Pick Your Poison

Leah Seyl, a member of a group of elite guards recruited to protect the King and Queen of Laverna, is feeling defeated.

For three years she had protected her adopted family, relishing in the interest the King and Queen expressed in her. She had everything their son, William, lacked. Compassion, love, and mercy was long lost to him. But as one day she returned from a trip back from her estranged family, Leah watched as her true home burned to ashes. Now with the King and Queen murdered in the midst of an attack from the rogue children of the Descendants, she is tasked to protect William, the heir to the throne, and a changed man.

In this re-telling of Snow White, can Leah really trust this new William and will the pleas from a demon prisoner reveal what actually happened to the seemingly re-incarnated prince? And can the Descendants really be trusted when their own children had turned on them?


1. Message To All Readers



*Warning* This book is under constant construction and change to characters names and/or revisions are very likely to occur. 



Aye time for the threat to all those douchefaces who steal other peoples work

All dis shit is mine. Y'all see anybody else with mah work, we can go super saiyan on them together. Or you can just tell me and I can have all the fun myself but either way, please tell me if you guys see this work anywhere else. I have a Wattpad account as well, so do not fret dear ones if you see my work there :) 

Thanks for reading all this, and if you did read it, post a message on my wall and we can be friends ;) 

I hope you enjoy!

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