city boy and a country girl (1D fan fic)

what happens when a country girl gets moved to a big city in London and falls in love with harry styles (aka a city boy) from one direction read to find out.


1. meeting him

''I cant believe you moving to London'' my mom cried out,''mama its only for a few years and i'll come back to vist'' I try to assure her. I don't want to move to a big city but I need to they have the best college for what I want to do, I want to be a photographer a big named one is my dream goal, I know that there will be a lot of people who will look down on me causes im from the country and dang proud of it too. So after I bored the plane I was just sitting there praying that i would get stuck next to someone decent and then my prayer was answered. This tall curly dark hair guy sat down next to me. So i thanked the heavens for that he smiled at me he had the cutest dimples ever and the most amazing green eyes. Hello he's deep raspy voice said hi I smiled shyly. Im harry he said in amazing british accent. Im Ashley I answered in my country accent, so where are you from he asked, a small town in north Carolina I said proudly.

Harry's POV

So I asked about her interests to keep the conversation going and cause I want to know more about these beautiful girl. Well I love the show Duck Dynasty, country music, photographer and that's pretty much it she said with an amazing smile. so we talked the rest of the way and comes to turn out she was moving in the flat next to mine so I offered to drive her over there and she gladly accepted.

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