It Started With A Retweet

I started wrighting this movella but then forget my password after the third chapter my name used to be carrot eater I AM NOT COPYING .... Sarah and Daniel are directioners. They live and breath for one direction, What happens there meet and greet passes get them invited to an after show party with boys? Do they fall in love? Will there be a love triangle, friendship lost, or a broken band? ..


9. Late night chats


Sarahs POV

I walked down the hall and could feel his eyes still on me, once i got in to my hotel room i jumped up and down, The louis tomlinson i never even thought i'd even meet in person kissed me, Im getting butterflies in my stomach every time i think of him, I lay on my bed and cheeked my phone, i had one new message

Message from: Louis :) xx - I had a great time tonight, sweet dreams beautiful! xx

Message to: Louis :) xx - Me 2, Thank you handsome you 2 ! x

Message from: Louis :) xx - I feel bad for you sleeping alone tonight, you want some company? i have icecream;) 

Message to: Louis :) xx - Haha sure sounds great, see you soon!

So first he touches my bum, Gives me his number, Asked me to a party, Kisses me and now wants to sleep over.. please don't tell me this is all a dream. I get up and go over to my bag, i change into my pajamas and brush out my hair and tie it into a messy bun, i wash off my make up and slip on some slippers

I then walk out to the sitting room and turn on the tv and go to the guide, theres a late night movie about to start, i turn on the channel its on so we can watch it, Theres a knock on the door so i get up to answer it, It was him, he was in a pajamas bottoms and a different shirt, he had a pillow in one and and ice cream in the other, I step aside to let him in.

We go and sit on the couch and put a blanket over us while we watch the film, We both found it boring so decided to turn it off and talk instead, 'So, tell me a bit about your childhood ?' He said seeming curious

'Well' I began then continued ' I had a pretty crappy childhood, When i was little my mum and dad got a divorce, so i used to spend weekends with him and weekdays with my mum, i was 13 at the time and my dad had gone to the pub so it was just me in his apartment, I was watching high school musical when i heard a knock at the door, i got up and answered it and it was the police, they barged past trew me and started to raid my fathers flat, they found some drugs there and gave him 6 months in prison, once he was released my mum started sending me into him on weekends again, but he blamed me for opening the door to them and him going to prison so he started to beat me, i hit me so hard one day he knocked me unconscious, i was in a coma for 5 weeks, and ever since then i've never seen my dad'

I looked up at louis, I was starting to tear up a bit, he pulled me closer and said 'I'm so sorry you had to go threw all that, i'm glad you trust me to tell me tho' He's so sweet, i cant just keep a lie to him i have to tell him about what happened my wrist 

'Louis, Theres more you need to no about me' He looked me into the eyes and said ' You can tell me sarah, You can trust me ' so i started ' Okay, There was this time when i was 16, my life got pretty shit, No matter what i did i couldn't be happy, i felt pain morning noon and night, but the pain was on the inside of me, and i didnt no how to get it out, so i started cutting my wrists with anything i could find , razors, sharpener blades, compasses, knifes, scissors, anything with an edge, and slowly i started feeling good about my self, and then this boy came along, he's name was tyler, he made me see that theres more to life then pain, i feel in love with him, more then you can ever imagine, but then one day, someone prettier skinnier and nicer then me came along, tyler broke up with me for her, he was the reason i was living and didn't see any other reason to stay alive, so i came home from school and locked my self in my bedroom, i took a couple of pills and started to cut my wrist with a razor, i was going very deep, deeper than normal, i started feeling tierd and the last thing i remember before i passed out was a lot of blood, i woke up in the hospital the next day and got help for my problems, and now because of that, i'm left with these ugly scars, i tryid suicide i never got bit by a shark, im sorry for lying to you.. ' Things went quite, all you could here was me crying into my lap, i then felt a hand lift up my arm, and gently kiss my wrist 'I understand why you lied to me, I no that this must be very tough for you to talk about, But please promise me Sarah you will never do self harm ever again' 'I promise' He took off this kind of a stringy bracelet he had on and put it on me , he than said 'As long as you were this bracelet, you can never break our promises we make to each other' I smiled and just looked at him while a tear ran down my face, He wiped it away and kissed me..

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