This Is Me, Deal With It

This is my story for the Competition of Self Belief.


3. Poem, or what ever it is

I like my teeth, I like my hair, I like my smile

I might hate myself every once in a while.

But that doesn't mean I wish I wasn't me

cuz then who would I be?

I might like your shirt

I might like you shoes

but when asked to chose

I would say me, with out a doubt

so now I stand up and shout

"I am smart! I am pretty!

I am me! And I am Worth it!"

so shut your mouth and deal with it.



Braces, Glasses, nice shoes, nice shirt

All this, makes us who we are

Everyone says, I wish I was pretty

Or I wish a was smart

But have you ever thought

that while you were wishing to be me

that I might be wishing to be you?


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