Left alone to cry

The boys were living the dream. What happens now when the boys find out that one of their band members is missing? You'll have to read the story to find out.


22. Sneaking around

Niall's pov:

I had just left my house because I heard that the boys were all at the studio recording a new song. I looked at Cris my driver. "Are you sure you want to do this Niall?" He looked worried about me. I smiled and shook it off. "I'll be fine Cris I swear. They wont even know that I'm their watching. I promise you I wont get caught unless I want to." He looked at me a bit worried again then said, "Well you can't let them figure out that your their." I looked at him confused for a bit. Then it hit me I can't let them find me or els I can't get Marco with out him finding me. I looked down and said, "Okay your right."

I started to walk out of the car when Cris called to me causing me to turn around and look at him. "Wait Niall before you go I just wanted to give you this. I mean you all ready look like a spy so why not have to stuff to." I smiled at him and took the ear peace. "What is it for?" I asked Cris. I was looking at it like it was an alien. I mean I know that its an ear piece but what does it do. "It allows me to talk to you from wear ever I am. So if your in a jam I can help you out. You can answer back to me too it has a microphone." This was so cool. I was just about to put it on my ear when Cris looked at me very serious like. "Niall you have to promise me you will only turn it on if you really need me. Got it?" I shook my head yes then headed inside to do my spy work on the lads. This was going to be so much fun.

I ran down the hall way looking threw every window of every door until I found the boys in the recording room. I was listening to a recording of the song which was really no that bad. When I saw Zayn look my way i ducked as fast as I could under the door. I can't let him see me no matter how much I want him to. I ran and hid in another room. I didn't dare look out the window to see what was going on for fear I would get caught. Instead I just listened to what was happing. I heard what sounded like Zayn running out of the room in tears and the boys yelling out of him. Then I heard Marco start to go off about ever since I died Zayn has become such a big baby.

Wait did he just say I  what I think he said? He did say that. He said that I died. I was thinking to my self in disbelief that he would really tell the lads that I was dead. All just to get them to stop looking for me like really what is this. Come on!!!! Like really and the lads all believed him for real. I decided that I need to learn more so I followed Zayn to see wear he went. I found him in the old practice room. The one wear we had made our first song and goofed off. I laughed as I thought back to that day. We were all singing about Pokemon and I was on the guitar, Liam on the drums, and the other lads sinning along with us. Those were the days I thought to my self.

Just then Zayn saw me before I had a chance to run and hide. He looked at me with big sad brown eyes. He said, "Niall is that you?! What are you doing here?!" I looked at him for a bit. Then I started to think of a excuse only I had nothing. I clicked the button on and Cris's voice filled my ear. "What's up Niall?"  I made a coughing noise as I talked to him. *cough*help *cough* me*cough*. Zayn looked at me as if to say Niall are you all right? I smiled at him and then listened to him to see what I had to do. "Okay Niall calm down. Just say what ever I say okay?" I just made a noise telling him I under stand.

"Hey Zayn are you all right? I heard crying coming form in here." I started to walk over to Zayn who started to cry even harder now then ever. "Is that you Niall?" I smiled at him and pulled him into a hug. "Yes Zayn It's really me the one and only Niall Horan. Also your best friend,band mate,and brother." He looked at me with a big goofy smile on his face. "Zayn why were you crying before?" He looked down at the growned. "It's just that Marco told us you were dead. But now I know that your not because your standing right here in front of me." I was about to answer back when I heard some one coming all of a sudden I got really stiff. Zayn looked at me and said, " "What's wrong Niall?" I looked at Zayn with sadness in my eyes then said, " "I have to go now! I'm sorry Zayn."

I got up and started to run for the door all I heard from behind me was, "Wait Niall no don't go!" then I heard running as If he was fallowing me. So I turned and ran into a room then I heard him talking to Harry?! "Come on Harry you have to help me catch Niall he's getting away!" I looked out the window a bit and saw that Harry was talking to Zayn with a worried look on his face. Poor Zayn. I whispered a soft I"m so sorry Zayn. Then I climbed out the window in the room I was in and ran out to the car and climbed in. That was a close one!

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