Left alone to cry

The boys were living the dream. What happens now when the boys find out that one of their band members is missing? You'll have to read the story to find out.


3. Mirror on the wall

Niall's pov:

I hear noises. The front door opens and I hear foot steps in the house. I open my eyes and realize that I'm still in Mullingar. Paul isn't coming to wake me up early in the morning. The boys are not beside me, cracking jokes all the time and doing different harmonies. I'm alone now. The footsteps seem to be getting nearer to the  room where I'm in.

I carefully get up from my bed then put my head out he the door. Two young woman at the end of the hall way. What the hell are they doing here? "Uh...can I help you?" "Oh" exclaims one of the ladies. "Niall, you're here! We can start your make over!" "What?" I say confused. "What make over? Who are you?" "Your make over from famous boy to normal boy, Niall!" she exclaims just like I was happy about it. "I'm your hair dresser and she's your stylist. We comply change your look so nobody will recognize you!"

I looked at them and said, "Fine you can change my cloths but you can go and tell Marco that I will be back. I'm tired of not having a say in what's happing to me. So if your giving me a makeover we are doing it my way and my way only. You will do what I tell you of things could get ugly." I watched as their faces went from happy to scardly shocked. I figured that well I had them like this I would say, "Got it?!" they booth shook their heads yes. Then I sat down in front to f the mirror. She looked at me and said, "Okay Niall what do you want me to do with your hair. I said, "Put my hair down and messy. Then add any accessories you want to my face." She shook her head and said, "Okay." she did what I said and then put some weird glasses on my face.

With that they left leaving me to smile at my self in the  mirror. I can't believe that this is all happing to me. Im siting  here happy and sad. I'm happy because I stood up for my self but im sad because ill probably never see the lads or live the dream again.


Harry's pov:


I look at Louis form the corner of  my eye. He gives me a sheepish smile. He's the only one able to smile today. Even though he's worried. Were all worried. Niall is still not here. It's rehearsal for the concert to night and Niall is not back yet. Marco tells us to sing just like he was there but that's hard. Niall has a unique voice, with out him we're nothing. Marco also tells us not to be worried.


" Marco it doesn't make it." Zayn says with as anxious tone cutting the song is the middle of it. "Keep going!" Marco  exclaims. "it was going well!" "No!" I reply a bit over whelmed. "Marco, aren't you worried that Niall leaves like that  we don't have any news from him!?" Marco sighs. "We trust Niall."


"But what's wrong with you suddenly, uh?!" I didn't notice that I screamed my last words. Everyone in the room froze, looking at me with their heartless eyes. "Alright!" Marco continues. "I canceled the rehearsal. I'll give the whole after noon to make him come back and if he's not. You do the concert with out him."

People walk away in the room. There's only Liam, Zayn, Louis, and me left. I take out my phone and the boys node. A ball of emotions forms in my throught as I type those words down destined to Niall's phone: "WHERE ARE YOU AT NIALLER?! WE'RE SO WORRIED! COME BACK!"

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