Left alone to cry

The boys were living the dream. What happens now when the boys find out that one of their band members is missing? You'll have to read the story to find out.


9. Hope well it last

Niall's pov:

I'm sitting at the kitchen table, rubbing my hands together. It has always been a reflex when im stressed out. I rub and rub again my hands together until I find the best decision. I rub, pinch and squeeze my hands and even crack my knuckles, losing myself deep in thoughts. As I crack my pinkie, I keep asking my self if I should go back on twitter and read the comments people are saying about my "disappearance". In the park two days ago, I saw that girl crying because she went to my mothers house. She told me everybody on twitter was crying....

In a way, I really want to go. I want to feel this warm feeling climbing up my chest and stop making me feel alone. I spend my days looking at the white paint on my walls, starting at the clock and watching the time pass. I want to see what people say about me. It's my placebo. I'm going to feel like I'm surrounded by people who love and need me... when actually I'll be sitting alone in front of my laptop, in the silence of my empty wooden house.

And on the other hand, U don't want to go. If I read the comments, I know I won't be able to stop myself from replying them. I want to socialize, I want cheer them up and tell them I'm alright. I want to shout it to the world. I could even make them feel better and know they'll be happy with make myself happy. But I cant do this and I know if I let myself  into all those worried people, I'll succumb the temptation.

I crack my thumbs and I finally make my decision. Ill clash both. I get up and run to my bedroom. I take my laptop and open it . I take a deep breathe as I log into twitter. As soon as im connected, I go into my mentions. They're frilled with millions and millions of tweets. I read them one by one. Niall come back! Nialler no you can't be missing! Its impossible! Babe the boys can't do it with out you! We need you!  The tears stream down my face as I continue reading them, hiding my hands under the table to stop myself from replying.

Tweet us you're alive, please Niall! What happened to Niall?! I'm so worried! I hope he's alright!

Niall come back :( I look at the trending topics and there's my name. It's the most popular trend. "Niall". The five letters of my name going through everybody mouth. filling everybody's mind and being typed on everybody's keyboard. I watch to the sky. I said I'd clash both of my ideas. Now that I read the  tweets, I have to stop myself. I go into the settings and stare at the "delete your account" button. My mouse is floating on it, my finger too scared to even dare to click.

I wipe away my tears and clench my teeth. I go fast, I click on it. Then there's that little window opening and asking me "Do you really want to delete your account?" I bite my lip. What will the fans think? I can't let them down! But I can't keep touring myself... I think and think over again, I start to rub my hands and crack my knuckles. I think as fast as I can. What can I do?! What should I do?! Suddenly, a bell rings in my head. My eyes get dry and a smirk crosses my mouth.

Finally, I know what to do. "Do you really want to delete your account?" I click "No". It's the setting page again. I close the laptop and get up. I fell new. There's a glow in my eyes. What is that glow I my eyes? That glow, well it's hope. It pierces my eyes like arrows, it fills up my brain like adrenaline and makes my chest pump like victory. Hope.

I finally found what to do. I have a path in front of me, a new road. I can continue. Management is like the mean kind inside the kingdom. He has all the power on the poor little peasants, controlling them like some puppet dolls and making them suffer of the worst pain. But at the end, king always ends up being killed. By who? The peasant who was brave enough to keep his head up high in front of the royalty and confront the king.

He was tired of the misery. He took his strength and fought back. My mum told me I should. I just didn't want to believe her that I was able, but now I understand. I can do it. I'm not going to fight physically and directly. I'm going to play with them . They're going to be by the pieces of my chess game. I manipulate them, and make them come to me. I'll do this discretely, they won't even know it's me.

I'll be putting probes just to confuse them, and at every round of my game. they'll be closer to me. I node at my self. "It's going to be a hard game." I whisper. "But I'm going to win it." I smile widely it been a very long time I smiled. It feels so good. I had forgotten about how good it was to smile."Don't worry boys, I'm coming"

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