Left alone to cry

The boys were living the dream. What happens now when the boys find out that one of their band members is missing? You'll have to read the story to find out.


7. Cry for me

Niall's pov:

I've decided to go for a walk instead of staying between the four walls of my room. But I think it's a good idea because if I had stayed any longer, I would've blown up. I was so angry. Everybody's looking fro me butt they can't find me. I can't give myself to the police. I can't do anything. All I can do is watch the people running everywhere screaming my name and hide in the shadow. I threw my phone on the wall. It broke into a million pieces.

Seeing the pictures of me and the boys is just too much. I grabbed my coat and left before I could brake anything els. I'm walking fast, trying to let my pain out. Out of breath I stop in the little park near there. I sit on the bench and stare at the land scape. I feel the breeze on my cheeks which relaxes me. The park is empty the sky is grey and everything is wet around. It rained during the night and the air is still fresh. I place my hands on my head and a smile creeps across my face. I reamber how I stood up for myself maybe only week ago.

I adjust my ugly glasses on my nose as I sigh deeply. I'm trying to chase the boys away from my mind. Suddenly, some sobs take me out of my deep thoughts. A girl sits beside me, her hands are in her face and she's crying. She's about sixteen guessing by the way she looks. "Are you okay I ask?" Someone is also in pain, like me. Why not help her? We're in the same boat after all.

"What?" the girls lifts up her head and looks at me. She quickly wipes away her tears. "Are you okay?" I repeat, insisting. :You're crying. What's wrong?" "Oh, uh you probably don't care." She say's sniffling. "No I care. Tell me what's wrong?" I hadn't even noticed that my glasses wore starting to slide down my nose again. I also hadn't noticed that the blue had started to show in my eyes again. I was starting to look like me again at least for awhile. She looked at me and smiled then said, "Well, I don't know if you heard about it in the news but, Niall From One Direction is missing..."


My heart squeezes. This girl is crying because of... me? "Yea I heard about it." I whisper looking down. My glasses have fallen off my face comptely leaving my bright blue eyes to give away the fact that im niall horn. "Well im crying because I  just went to his child hood house. I know I might sound like a stalker but I really need to know if he was there. He's not. I talked to his mother and she's as worried as everyone els is. I think she's more worried than anyone  els, actually." My throught tightens. My mum. She must be so worried!

She doesn't know a thing of what happened! One of my fans wet to see her and she doesn't know where I am. poor mum... My eyes start to get wet when the girl keeps on talking. I hope he's fine." She say's rubbing her eyes. "Every one misses him so much. He hasn't been tweeting for days and one saw him. He latterly disappeared. Twitter is blowing up. Every one is crying over there. we're all destroyed. All I hope is that he's a live. His fans and the boys miss him a lot."

I'm shaking. That's so sweet. To know everybody is missing me makes me feel better. But again I can't do anything. That's when the girl sees my glasses on the floor. She stands up and picks them up for me. She tapes my shoulder and says, "Um... Here you go you dropped your glasses." I take them trying not to make any eye contact. I had no luck.


At that moment she starts to scream and cry her eyes out. I just look at her and smile and say, "You did it you found Niall Horan." She looks at me again only now she looks confused. "Niall if your okay then why don't you go back to the boys and your fans. Their a mess with  out you?" I just give her a sad smile and say, "Im no longer part of the band. Your not my fans and their my lads any more. I'm just niall Horan form Mullingar Ireland. Nothing more nothing less." We stand their in silence as I look at her shocked face. The girl doesn't move for awhile then she frowns at me.

I sigh deeply trying to chase the sadness away taking over my body. The last thing I say to her is, "Don't worry about me. I'll be coming back to you guys sooner then you may think." I whisper a quit, "have a nice day." before walking away with a small grin on my face. It made me happy to know that I could at least let one of my fans out their know that I was okay. I'm sure it made her feel god to know im okay.


Marco's pov:

I'm siting on the couch of the living room. The whole house is quit, there's not a single noise. I squeeze the arm of the couch hardly. I'm crying quietly while looking at old family pictures. There's this one of all of us reunited. Niall and Greg are standing one beside the other, smiling peacefully, and Bobby and I behind them, My hand resting on Niall's shoulder. It hurts me so bad to stare at them but I can't help my self. I delicately sniffle. I was watching TV yesterday morning and I saw the news. That one horrible news that tore up my mothers heart and made me want to scream my lungs out. Niall has gone missing. At that moment, everything got clear in my head.

That's why he hadn't been calling me lately, he usually calls me everyday. But it's been days now I picked up the phone and didn't hear his voice. I called over his house even though I knew it was useless. I called Booby, Greg and even a few o his friends, maybe hew was with one of them trying to breath out form the celebrity world? But sadly, he wasn't. The Horan family is now missing a member. I feel a big hole in the middle of my heart. He could be any where! He's one out of the five most popular boys on this planet; it shouldn't be hard to find him! But still, the pieces of the puzzle don't seem to connect. I called the boys. They all told me they searched at every place they thought he could be but that he wasn't. They said his house is empty.

My heart dropped. If Niall had moved he would've told me! I'm his mother after all! Something's not right and it deteriorates me inside out. I think about it every day, knowing my baby could be anywhere, dead or alive. If only I could have just one sign knowing he's still alive... One of his fans came to see me yesterday, she wanted to know if he was her. I melted into tears. She cheered me up a bit and told me they'll find him and that all the fans are by my side. It  made me smile, but it didn't kill the pain at all.

I rub my eyes and breath e deeply to chase away those thoughts for a moment. I get up and head to the kitchen. I make myself a cup of tea to calm my nerves. As I pour it into my cup, I hear a knock on my door. I drag my feet to the door, ready to tell another fan Niall's not with me and to hear my heart brake again. I slowly turn the doorknob and open the door. My eyes start to water up as I can't believe my eyes when I see who is standing in front of me. "Niall?" is all I can say. He just stands their starring my in the eyes with tears now starting to flow down his cheeks.


I can his lower lip shaking as he puts his hand over his mouth and say's, "I'm home."


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