Forever and Always

Samantha has the perfect life. A perfect boyfriend and family, but what happens when everything isnt so perfect anymore?
Just a little short love story <3


1. Chapter 1

"Sam! Get up!" I can hear my mother yelling from downstairs, telling me to get out of bed.

"Mom, it's summer." I yell back as i look over at my phone.

"And its only 8 A.M!" I grunt as i cover my face in blankets.

I start falling asleep again, but the beep of my phone interrupts me. It was Brian, my boyfriend of 1 year. A smile instantly appears on my face.

Brian: Morning babe, you at the airport yet?

Thats when i remember what today was…Today was the day my 22 year old brother, Josh, comes back from his first year of College. I quickly get up, take a shower, apply some foundation and mascara, and my favourite pair of skinny jeans with my favourite tank top.

"Morning" I say as i run past my mom and dad sitting at the dinner table eating breakfast. 

"We take it you forgot that today your brother comes in?" my dad asks

"Yeah, but Brian reminded me." My parents never really liked the fact that i had a boyfriend that was older than me.. I'm 17 and he's two years older. He's an amazing guy…graduated with honours, and is going to Penn State. He's always been polite to my parents, and me. 

I finished my toast and we headed to the airport. As soon as we got there Josh appeared to be picking up his bags. I ran over to him as fast as i could and jumped into his arms. My brother wrapped his arms around me and i felt so safe.

"Ah Sam i've missed you so much." 

"I missed you way more..How dare you leave me with them alone?" i gesture to our parents walking towards us. He laughs and puts me down. Mom and dad give him hugs too and my mom kisses him on the cheek. Josh always makes everything more enjoyable. With him not being around i realised just how much i needed him. He's the only one in my life that has been there for me forever. We all grab a bag and bring them to the car. Josh sits in the back with me and get his phone out of his pocket. I noticed he had 3 missed messages. One was his friend saying "Sorry man" with a picture of a girl and a guy making out underneath, then another one saying "Just thought i should tell you, Matt feels terrible.."

Then i realised who it was in the picture, it was his friend Matt making out with Josh's Girlfriend, Nina. 

Matt turns off his phone and throws it at the car floor. My parents were too into their conversation to notice.


"Nina and Matt made out at the party last night..I didn't go because i had to sleep early, and Nina said she wasn't going to go if I wasn't…"

"Nina obvioulsy doesn't deserve you Josh…You have to break things off with her."

He just stared out the window, but in the reflection i saw that his cheek was wet…I've never seen Josh cry before. 

When we got home Josh just went to his room while mom and dad argued about something. I decided to see what Brian was doing today, and turns out he wasn't doing anything, so i invited him over since mom and dad were going out today.

While i waited for Brian to come over i decided to see if Josh was okay. I knocked on his door, and when there wasn't an answer i slightly opened the door to find Josh lying on his bed asleep. I closed his door and walked back to the living room and as soon as I took a seat there was a knock on the door.

"Hi beautiful." Brian said while placing a kiss on my cheek.

"Hey" I say with a smile and red cheeks. 

"how's Josh after the long day of travel?" He says while we take a seat on the sofa.

"I think he'd be fine if his girlfriend hadn't cheated on him with his best friend and at a party she said she wasn't even going to."

"Nina cheated on him? Weren't they like really serious?"

"Yeah..When he found out he cried and it was the first time id seen him cry."

"Thats not good, do you mind if i go and check on him?"

"Yeah, go ahead."

"I love you" Brian says while getting up.

"Love you too."

I sit there in silence for a few moments.

"SAM!" I hear Brian yell, my brain immediately goes into panic mode and i run up to my brothers room.

"Sam he overdosed. Call 911 and your parents while i try to revive him."

"Oh my god." I say while rushing over to him. I started shaking him and i can feel the tears coming.

"Josh! JOSH! JOSH WAKE UP!" I scream in terror at him. Brian pulls me back and gets my phone and calls 911 and my parents.

He holds me while we wait for 911 to show up. I'm screaming and crying like I've never screamed of cried before. Brian is doing his best to calm me down but it's not working. We hear the sirens and Josh is quickly pulled into the ambulance telling to wait for our parents to head to the hospital. I fall to the floor as i watch my brother drive away.

"Sam." I hear Brians voice, but I don't answer. 

When my parents arrived Brian told them what happened and we rushed to the hospital. My father holding my mothers hand, and Brian holding mine. The next few hours were kind of a haze. I remember hearing the beep of the machine next to my brothers bed. The doctors said he was going to be fine in a few days. My mother was crying into my father's chest while i sat next to Brian. He tried talking to me, but i didn't want to talk to i just lay my head on his shoulder. He put his arm around me and squeezed me against him. I fell asleep like that, and when i woke up i was in the same position, only it was bright outside. My mom was asleep on my dad's shoulder and my dad and brian were asleep as well. I looked over at Josh, and his eyes are open looking right at mine. I get out of Brians arms and run over to Josh's He wrapped his arms around me and i start crying all over again.

"I thought….I thought you were dead.." I say, then suddenly my sadness turns into rage and i let go of my brother.

"You could have died…What were you thinking? You know how much we love you. You could have left me, left us."

"Sam. I didn't care about any of that at the time..I…I wanted to die…I still do."

"What? Why?"

"Everyone eventually gets tired of me. Nina got tired of me…I loved her so much. Too much, that when she got tired of me I didn't want to be alive. Without her theres no me…I need her."

I didn't know what to say, so i just lay next to him.

"Im sorry. I think mom and dad are going to get you a phycologist. i heard them talking last night…"

"Sam, listen to me okay? I'm not going to be around that much for a while…I'm going to be at a hospital for people with a mental illness. While you were asleep me and mom were talking about it. I don't want to be like this…I need to be there for you, and to do so i need to help myself first. I need medication, I've been diagnosed with Severe Depression."

"Are you going to try to kill yourself again?" I ask.

"I don't know." And with that the conversation ends. I grab his hand and fall back to sleep.

When i wake up again I'm in Brians bed, and i immediately look for Josh.

"Brian?" I call out. He comes into the room wearing jeans and a hoodie. His black hair covers a small part of his dark eyes. His muscular body moves in such graceful ways. He was a a mysterious guy…And he didn't let just anyone in. His parents died in a car crash 5 years ago. His other family was no where to be found. He kept his feelings inside, except with me. He said I was the only one he had, and the only one he trusted.

"Morning sleeping beauty." He says with a chuckle. He comes under the covers and curls his body against mine. His hand came to my cheek and stroked it gently.

"Wheres josh and my parents?"

"They're already driving to, um, where Josh is going to be staying. They're also going to be staying for a few days."

"They left without me…Without saying bye? When will I see Josh again?"

"They said since Josh is closest with you, it would be harder for him to adjust with you being there and him not being able to see you. And you can visit him in a few weeks." 

I exhale deeply and force myself that Josh being away was for the better.

"And so you're going to stay with me for a few days…"

"My parents let me?"

"They suggested it, actually."

I turned over and kissed him on the lips gently, while he pulled me closer.

"Also, Carrie called. She wanted to know if you were busy today."

So i drove over to Carries, and it was a big mistake. 

There were people everything and beer bottles everywhere you looked. 

I walked in and started looking for Carrie. A few people said they were sorry about my brother, some just smiled and said hi, and some didn't acknowledge me at all. Carrie was one of my closest friends, but sometimes she was too hard to handle. 

When i finally found her she hugged me hard and asked me how i was. I told her i was okay. 

"So did you know Brian was messed up before this happened?" She asked while taking a sip of her beer.

"Brians not messed up."

"Uh he tried killing himself..Its pretty stupid Sam."

"Its not stupid. And if you think it's stupid you're wrong and have no idea what you're talking about" I say while turning around and walking away. 

"Sam are you gonna go kill yourself too?" I hear someone yell, then i hear a bunch of laughs follow. I run out the door and down the street till I'm out of breath. I left my car there, great. And, of course, it starts raining hard. And then i just sink to the ground and cry till my eyes are dry. I tried calling my brother but of course theres no answer. 

I call Brian and ask him to come pick me up. 

He pulls over and runs over to me carrying a sweater.

"Here, put this on." I put it on and he pulls me up and walks me to the car.

"Carrie said Brian was stupid for trying to kill himself and some guy asked me if was going to kill myself too and everyone laughed and i guess I'm too weak to handle myself, so i ran off and fell here and cried because i can't seem to do anything else, and of course it started raining and i realised i forgot my car at carries house. I called Josh but he didn't answer so i guess they took his phone, and then i called you because in reality i have no one else besides you."

Brian stopped the car and pulled over. He took my hands and looked at me.

"Samantha Jane Brown, you are anything but weak. You are the strongest person I know. Carrie is the stupid one for think trying to commit suicide is stupid, and that guy is a dick. If i knew who he was i'd go back to the party and punch him as hard as i possibly could. And crying is good for you. Sam, i have no one but you and thats okay with me because you're all i need. But you do have people, they're just not here right now. Josh, and your parents love you with everything they have."

"Kiss me." i say.

And thats what he did.

"I want you forever."

"Forever and always."


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