Veronica looked around the hospital walls. for 13 years she had been in a mental hospital when she was perfectly fine and knowing that her sister had married her husband and taken her son and lied to him all these years but when Dr.Malik helps her run away from the hospital can she get her son , Harry , back and change the way he thinks about her or can she make her ex-husband Niall love her like he used to , or lastly can she make her brother Louis treat her like he used to ?


1. Prologue

i looked around the hospital walls , i thought they loved me , but after 13 years in a mental hospital when i was perfectly sane , you have your doubts. Why can't they understand it was an accident.

I heard a bell ring and i made my way to the hospital cafeteria and sat next to Holly the only other sane person in the hospital, she wasn't in the hospital because people thought she was insane it was because she opened a prosecution house which was illegal and she bribed the hospital doctor , Grace, into letting her stay in the hospital. We ate silently until saw the cafeteria doors open and James , one of the nurses walked in the memories from last night came back and i shivered.  i ran up to him , i  pulled his greasy grey hair and kicking and punching him. Some doctors and nurses pulled me off him and took me to the head doctor , Grace's office. she glared at me and i looked at her snake like face and her straight blond hair. 

"Why did you do it" she shouted at me

''You know why . he should be in jail i told you he raped me" i shot back

"You are in a mental hospital you might have been imagining the whole thing"

i left and went to my room hoping everything will change.


Zayn's POV

i was going to Veronica's brother , Louis to make him stop paying the fees that keep his sister in the hospital  that guy was a billionaire. I was the doctor responsible for Veronica ever since i came to the hospital 3 years ago, Veronica was there 10 years before and during the ten years she never said a word. I made her talk again and i am proud to say it. She never told me what happened that go her in the hospital and i wasn't pressuring her. I got to the office and rode in the elevator , the secretary told me to go inside and i did. I saw Louis looking at me, more like glaring actually. 

"The answer is still a NO" he snapped

"You know she is sane right" i replied calmly.


i nodded my head slowly "You're right you are a fucked up family" i told him and be fore he had a chance to reply i left.

I sat in my silver BMW when i got a call saying i was needed in the hospital because Veronica hit James. She told me he raped her and i believed her. 

I went in her room without knocking and sat next to her on the bed.

"I think i am ready" she told me and i knew exactly what she meant.


Veronica's POV


I looked at the big house , wow we were rich , i didn't like it though i only used some of my money to open a jewelry shop, i was talented at making necklaces and bracelets so my dad opened one for me so i could work at what i loved. 

I had a fairly good life , My family was rich i was happily married to my cousin , Niall he was the son of my mom's sister and she lived with us, and i had my six year old son Harry with me.

Suddenly everything was starting to fall apart , my little sister, Tina,  started wearing revealing clothes in front of Niall. I noticed but didn't say anything

Then i started seeing some one in the lift that was in the house, it was that big, every night. The stranger used to go to my mom's room. I hated that woman she cheated on my dad whom i loved. 

One day i went to Tina and told her i knew what she was doing and to stop hitting on Niall. But i didn't tell Niall anything , I loved him that much.

The next day i went to my mom and told her if she didn't stop cheating on my dad i'll tell him the truth. 

The same night i saw a man in the elevator i didn't hesitate and told my dad the next morning. He couldn't stand it and had a heart attack. I took him to the hospital and he told me he loved me and i was the most like him from my siblings.

i went home angry and all i wanted was to sleep , i opened the bed room door and i saw Niall and Tina doing it on the bed. I ran away before they saw me , i couldn't think of any one to go to but my mom. I knocked on the door several times until she opened wearing a bed sheet. She looked like she was nervous , i went inside her room and saw a man naked under the bed i pulled him out by his hair and i realized it was the driver i kicked him out.

My mom slapped me , i raised my hand in the air to return the slap but she caught it mid air and we started shouting at each other, She started moving back wards and i forward until she was standing in the balcony that was in her room. She shouted at me too aggressively and she toppled back out of the balcony , she landed on the floor bloody and dead. Every one thought i killed her , when i didn't lay a finger at her. They sent me to a mental hospital the next day and i refused to talk to any one. I recieved the news  one year later that my dad has died. I am not sure where the money he left me was though and i think they use it to pay the hospital fees.

End Flashback*

"And Zayn you told me that Tina married Niall and is telling Harry she's his mother right?" i asked hoping he'd say no.

he nodded his head while looking on the floor.


Tina's POV

I sat in the house and saw Harry walk in from school. Ever since my mom died i had become very short tempered, Harry was 19 now and he deserved to know the truth.

"HARRY !!!" i shouted

"What ?" replied the boy startled 

"Don't use that tone with me !"

"sorry" he mumbled in sincerely

"Harry you're old enough to know the truth now , I-"

Just then Niall's mom , Maura walked in , "Harry go upstairs i need to talk to your mom" he nodded and left.

"What were you going to tell him ?" asked Maura

"THE TRUTH" i shouted


Louis's POV

My wife, Jasmine walked in my office

"hey babe" she said and pecked me on the lips

"Hey" i mumbled

"Come on we have to go check out houses" she said

"I told you no before i am not leaving that house" i shouted

"Why do me and my son deserve to live with your nephew , your neices , your cousin , your sister , and you're aunt" she snapped and walked out

i sighed and called my secretary in, 

"I want a massage babe" i said winking , no i wasn't loyal to my wife and she wasn't to me either.

I took my shirt off and locked the door as i sat on the couch, her hands worked magic on me as i moaned getting a boner.


Zayn's POV

I listened to Veronica's story of how she got in here and i felt sorry for her, i was going to be the one who saves her 



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