Veronica looked around the hospital walls. for 13 years she had been in a mental hospital when she was perfectly fine and knowing that her sister had married her husband and taken her son and lied to him all these years but when Dr.Malik helps her run away from the hospital can she get her son , Harry , back and change the way he thinks about her or can she make her ex-husband Niall love her like he used to , or lastly can she make her brother Louis treat her like he used to ?


4. Neighbors


Veronica’s POV

Zayn went to find a job and I was alone. Luckily today he forgot to lock me in so I decided to go meet Victor. I went outside and realized I had no idea where I was going. I started walking and realized I was lost. Zayn had given me a cell phone just in case….

I decided to call Holly.

“Holly I think I am lost” I said to her once she answered

“Tell me where you are I am out of the hospital” she told me

“I am next to a Wal-Mart” I said

“Is the building in front of it painted red” she asked

“Yes” I answered

“Go in the building and go to the first floor , flat 11, that’s where my brother , Victor lives” she told me.

I hung up and went in the building, I knocked on flat 11 and a guy who looked like he was in his thirties opened. He was tanned and had a buzz cut, he was wearing a red robe and looked naked underneath.

“You must be Veronica” he said, I nodded and he kissed my cheek.

“look I’ll give you 2 million pounds, I am sorry if it’s little money but that’s all I have right now” he said after we went inside. He handed me a bag full of money and I wondered how 2 million pounds was little money.

“Thank you” I told him and I went back in the street.

I remembered the compound and I went to it in a taxi. It stopped in front of the house I had seen Harry in front of. I went to the house in front of it and talked to the guard.

“This house is for sale, its for 500,000 pounds” he had told me after I asked him if the house was for sale.

“I want to buy it” I told him, he nodded and called a woman from inside. She came out and I gave her the money as she gladly gave me the key. I went inside and awed at the beautiful house. I sat on the blue leather couch and opened the big screen TV.

  My phone rang and of course, Zayn.

“Veronica where are you !!” he shouted from the other end.

“Look come to the compound that they live in” I said slightly worried.

“Veronica you didn't tell them you’re out right ?” he asked nervously.

“No I didn't I got a house in front of their house” I answered calmly.

He hung up and a few minutes later I heard a knock on the door and I opened to see a worried Zayn. He hugged me so I was crushed in his arms.

“I was so worried” he said

“It’s okay Zayn” I told him as I rubbed his back

“I made up with Perrie” he said

“Oh Great !!” I said grinning, he looked at the ground, frowning.

“What’s wrong Zayn ?” I asked

“I am going to miss you , now that you left and I have to go to Perrie” he said looking at me.

“Zayn you’ll still come visit right ?” I asked

“Of course” he said smiling

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