He's My Teenage Nightmare

Hi. My name is Morgan. I'm 16 and recently living in California, USA. My dream is to become a singer. Everyone tells me I'm great, and I should show the world my talent. So, I went to American Idol, and was turned down by Nicki Minaj. Then I went to the X-Factor. That's when I met him. The one that I love and hate.


4. Chapter 4


~ Niall's POV ~


I can't believe we just kissed. I felt fireworks. No, I felt the whole zoo. We pulled away, and decided to watch another movie. We watched The Notebook and then, Morgan was asleep. I kissed her forehead and carried her into my room, lied her down on my bed, and fell asleep beside her.


~ Morgan's POV ~


I woke up beside to Niall. At least I was still in my clothes. I look beside me to see him looking at me, which scared me a little bit.

"Hi Niall."

"Hi Morgan."

"What happened last night?"

"Well, we were watching The Notebook then you fell asleep."

"Well, at least we didn't, well, you know."


I mean, I wouldn't have minded if we did. I know I sound slutty but he is pretty sexy.

"I'd better get going back to my room Niall. See ya later!"



"I was wondering if we could go out tonight. You know, like a date?"

"That would be nice."

"I'll be at your door at 7."


Then I left. He asked me out? I can't believe I got asked out! I mean, nobody has ever asked me out before. I was mainly bullied by the popular girls. Kicked, punched, slapped, the rest is too gory. Anyways, I decide on a black and pink dress. Simple enough, right? I mean, I'm possibly dating an X-Factor winner. Those girls at school wouldn't have a thing on me.

I get ready than, before I know it, it was 6:55. I wait for the next five minutes and right at the tick of seven I hear a knock at the door. He's pretty accurate. We went to Nando's (I know Nandos isn't in America just go with it) I've never known about this place. We went inside and sat down. The waitress was somewhat flirting with him. I couldn't get jealous, I mean, I'm not his girlfriend or anything. He didn't seem to be enjoying it though, which gave me relief. The last time she tried, she shoot me a death glare.




~Niall's POV~

We came back to the House, and went to my room. We had so much fun. We talked about everything we could think of. Then, it happened.


OOOOOOO What happened? Do they kiss? Does something unexpected happen? IDK WHAT WILL HAPPEN? DUN DUN DUHHHHHHH!





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