The Fallen War

When the battle between heaven and hell begins, who will prove victorious? Will the forces of light be able to stop the ever blinding darkness that threatens humanity? And what happens when 17 year old Adriel is caught right in the middle of the war? Both sides are trying to use her, but what will she pick?


1. Realization

Ch. 1

Narrator POV 

     The day began like any regular day would. 17 year old Adriel woke up, got up, ate breakfast, brushed her teeth, got changed, and walked outside.  She began to head over to the park which she regularly does every weekend to meet up with some of her friends. On her way there she noticed that everything was strangely......quiet and still. It was almost as if the wind wasn't blowing. The trees were all still and there wasn't a single cloud in the sky. She continued walking until she reached the park. 

     "looks like I'm the first one here" She thought to herself as she sat down on a bench, and right she was. In fact, she was the only person in the park. She waited...and waited, but nobody showed up. "where is everyone?" she thought to herself. Then she felt a strange sensation overtake her body and she passed out. 

     She awoke in a beautiful place. The streets were made of pure gold and everything was made of some kind of beautiful white material. The place literally sparkled and glowed it was so beautiful. There was an enormous building that resembled a church...wait it was a church. Something was almost pulling her towards the church. She began to head over there and without thinking, she entered. The church was even larger on the inside than on the outside. It was pure white with a large cross with Jesus on it. In the center stood 2 men. Both men were wearing white robes. The larger man was looking down on the other and signaling him to get out.  

     "B-But my lord I did not do this!" the other man was yelling.

     "Do not Lie to me Lucifer! I have seen what you have done. You have betrayed me, and now i condemn you. Leave and never come back!" The larger man was yelling. The larger man snapped his finger, and the other man was forcefully thrown out of the church, and he kept falling and falling until he fell into a pit of pure fire. The larger man walked out of the church. His face was grim with sadness and anger at the same time.

     "For it has begun" he said. Then images began to flash before her eyes. The first was of a man and woman being chased out of a garden, and then they went on an on until they finally stopped. Then the beautiful place she was at began to fade, and then she awoke on the park bench.

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