Small World

This is the sequel to Little London Girl, so read that one first or you wont understand. Thanks again to everyone who read Little London Girl. I never expected it to be so popular. Lets try and make this one as or even more popular :)

This one is about Em and Louis after the proposal. One Direction is going on tour and Em is starting to have feelings for someone else in the band and more threats are happening! So read to find out more.


12. Home

I got out of the car and smiled at Paul who had driven me to the airport. He nodded and got out to help me get my bags out of the trunk. He set my large suitcase on the ground as I put my backpack on.

"Thanks for everything Paul," I said. "I know you didn't really like me," I said.

"It's not that I didn't like you, I just thought you would hurt the boys," he said. I still hadn't told him what had happened between me and Louis or Niall.

"Well I think that's what I've done," I said as I took hold of my suitcase and rolled it away.

"Miss Emily," I heard Paul call after me. I turned.

"I'm not sure what happened today, but I do know that those boys will never stop loving you," he said I smiled and walking into the airport.

*Back in London*

The taxi pulled over and I got out and got my suitcase out of the trunk. I paid the driver and he drove off as soon as I handed him the money. I walked up to my flat and pulled the key out and unlocked the door and turned on the light. It seemed colder than I remembered. I set my suitcase down in the corner and sat down on the bed.

I had been wanting to cry ever since I walked into that airport. But I wouldn't allow myself to cry. But now that I was alone, I didn't care. I didn't have anyone to hide from. I let my body go limp and I pulled my pillow close to me and just cry. A little while later, after all my tears were gone my phone went off. I pulled it out of my pocket. Liam.

"Hello?" I asked. I sounded like I had been crying, I didn't want Liam to hear that.

"Hey, why didn't you say you were leaving?" he asked.

"Just some things happened and I didn't really want anyone to know I was leaving," I said. "I'm sorry, I should've told you at least," I said.

"Well if you didn't want to tell then you didn't need to. Just what happened?" Liam asked.

"Got into a fight with Louis," I said.

"Oh well that's not a reason to leave," he laughed.

"He broke up with me," I said softly. Liam fell silent.

"Oh, well I'm sorry about that," he finally said. "If you need anyone to talk to, I'm here for you," Liam said.

"Thanks Li," I said.

"Well I better go," he said.

"Alright, give the boys my best," I said.

"Alright, bye," he said as he hung up.

Suddenly I felt a pain in my stomach. I crouched over holding my sides. Then I stood up and ran to the bathroom, feeling that familiar feeling of nausea. I bent over to toilet and let the brown bile come until I was done. Then I walked slowly over to the bed and cried myself to sleep.

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