Time Away

Cassidy and Niall were best friends, until Niall went on X-Factor. Cassidy misses him, but when he comes home she realizes she didn't just miss him. she loves him. Can she tell him without destroying their friendship she loves? or will she lose him


2. Going to Miss You

*One month later*

Nialls POV

I walked to my room and opened my laptop, face timing Cassidy. Her bright happy face popped up. "Hey Nialler! I saw you today! You were Amazing!" I laughed at the way her voice went high pitched. "Thanks, it means a lot coming from you Kitty Cat. So how are you?" Her face dropped at bit. I started to worry. "Its hard, I miss you so much. I miss you walking into my house like it was yours, I miss the way you would act when we had our sleep overs." Tears started to form in her eyes, and she started to breath heaver. I knew she was about to cry so I sang her our song. It always calmed her down. "Fall asleep to dreams I found, where the waves are crashing, the only place I've ever known, now the future has me." She smiled and calmed down.

"Thank you Nialler, I l-" Cassidy! Jacks here!!" I knew it was her mom calling but who was jack? "OK! Send him up!" She yelled back. A minute later, a boy walked into her room and sat down beside her. My heart froze as he leaned over and kissed her. "Niall, this is jack, my boyfriend." She said the last part looking at him. "OK, Cassidy, I have to go. I have go practice for tomorrows show." I lied. "Oh, okay. Bye Nialler." I closed my laptop and sat on my bed, thinking. Why did  I care if she has a boyfriend? I don't, do I? Am I falling  for my best friend? A week later I started to worry, Cassidy hadn't face timed me at all. I rushed to my laptop and sat down on the couch in the living room. The boys sat down by me. I didn't care at this point, I had to see her. I had to.  She answered the call and sat down, a little smile forming on her lips.

"Hey Niall." She said, I noticed how strained her voice sounded, like she had been screaming or something. "Are you okay Cat? You haven't talked to me in a week, a week too long." I stated, she nodded but I knew something was wrong. "Guys, can you give me some space, I need to talk to her." Louis looked sad but left along with the others. "Cassidy, what's wrong?" "Jack broke up me...I saw him kissing a girl in the hallway and he said he was going to dump me anyways, and to make it worse, he was my Prom date! Now I have to go alone." She quietly sobbed. Prom. "Proms next week right?" She nodded, "I'm coming home. I will get the first flight home. Which leaves one question, Will you go to Prom with me?" I asked, being completely serious. She gasped and nodded her head quickly. "I would love to!" We both laughed. "Good. Don't tell anyone. I want to make it a surprise when I show up with the most beautiful girl on my arms." She laughed and agreed. We talked for an hour until she had to go. "Bye Niall, tell me when the flight is and I will met you at the airport. ok?" I agreed and said goodnight. Now I had to tell the boys. Oh lord help me...


Cassidys POV

Niall was coming home! And was going to be my Prom date! I smiled to myself as I crawled into bed and slept. I dreamed Niall was beating Jack up for hurting me, but why? Did I like my best friend? I woke up happy and jumped into the shower, washing my hair. Once I was done I dried off and put on a pair of blue skinny jeans and a hoodie. Well, Nialls hoodie. I took it from his closet when he left so I had a piece of him while he was gone. The smell calmed me down as I walked to school. Time to face Jack and his new slut. Walking threw the doors, I went to my locker and then to class. People looked at me like I was crazy. Jack had broke up with me the day before and I was all smiles and rainbows. School went by in a flash and soon iwas at home doing my homework. My computer sang and I saw Nialls Profile Picture pop up, time face chat I giggled. "Hey Nialler!" I said as he showed. "Hey Kitty Cat! How was school?" "Same old Same old. What about you? Did you tell the boys-" Niall shushed me, but it was to late. "Tell us what?" A head of curly brown hair jumped in and smiled at me.

"Niall is coming home and is going to Prom with me." I stated, giggling at Niall as the boys screamed and jumped up and down. "Nialls going to Prom! Nialls going to Prom!" One of the boys wasn't jumping or chanting, "Wait, Proms next week, we have a concert next week." my face dropped, Niall saw and hit the boy in the back of his head. "What? She should know." he complained, rubbing his head. "You shouldn't have said, you knew you couldn't go." he walked off, leavening me to stare at Niall. "You knew?! And you asked me to Prom?! You never planned to show up did you? You were going to leave me and embarrass me!!! How could you!" I screamed at him. He hurt me! "No, Kitty-" "My name is Cassidy." He looked shocked, he always called me Kitty Cat. "Cassidy, I fully intended on going to Prom with you, we all found out  about the concert today! I was still going to come home anyways! I swear!" I shook my head, he lied to me. "What ever, bye." I cried and shut my laptop. I cried myself to sleep.

Nialls POV

I stared at the Black screen, then jumped up completely angry. "LIAM! HOW COULD YOU?!?!" I screamed to him. He looked shocked at me, I was never this angry, ever. "How could you tell her that!?! I told her I was going to Prom with her and I was! Even if we were going to met the freaking president!!!!" the boys faces were pale as sheets, all because of me. "Look, Niall, I'm sorry. I didn't realize how much this meant to you." "She is my best friend in the entire world and now she is mad at me! Because of you!" I stormed off and slammed my door shut, not caring who heard. I couldn't believe what he had done.

I called Cassidy till my voice was gone and texted her until my thumbs were numb, but she didn't reply. I packed my stuff in my suite case and walked out of my room and saw all the boys, with their cases too. "What do you think your doing" I asked. Liam stepped forward, "I called in and said we had to take an emergency break. We are coming with you to see her, I owe you and her an apologue. I'm sorry Niall." He looked like he had been crying. I nodded and walked outside the room into the hall. The other contestants were standing outside, having heard my out burst. The boys walked in front of me and I followed, looking down. Once we left the building we got a cab and headed to the airport. "Ok, I got us tickets on the first flight to Ireland. We arrive at 10 AM tomorrow, tell her to met us there."

Harry told us, looking at his phone. "Thank you guys, for coming with me. It means a lot." I added. "If she means that much to you, she means that much to us." Zayn said, sitting next to me. I texted Kitty Cat saying to go to the airport at 9:50 tomorrow. I hoped she would listen. We got to the airport and boarded the plane. I looked out the window and stared at the sunset. Soon I fell asleep, thinking of Cassidys smile and laugh.

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