What Happens At Warped Stays At Warped *Kellin Quinn Love Story*

Morgan and Amber have always loved Warped Tour since they were kids. When they run into some idols. What happens when they run away and follow their dreams? *I PROMISE IT'S BETTER THEN IT SOUNDS!*


5. Chapter 3

I was behind the counter waiting for them to come in. Of course I'm freaking out. I mean they're going to Warped Tour (They got unbanded in here) and Amber and I are trying out. I don't want them to think I'm a slut. I only work here to support Amber and I. 

''Morgan. Take these out to table 3.'' Talia said handing two trays. I did as told and I walked out of the kitchen with trays in my hand. I brought them over to the two middle aged, perverted, married men sitting down.

''Here you go. Anything else I can get for you two?''  I asked plastering on a fake ass smile.

''Well. I would like a piece of you.. Morgan.'' One smirked looking at my name tag then grabbing me by the waist and pulling close to his chair.

''Erm, sir. Please let go.'' I asked politely trying to wriggle out of his grip. 

''C'mon baby. How about we get out of here and go back to my place.'' He winked.

''I'm not stupid. I can see your ring and your WAY to old for me.'' I stated trying yet again to get out of his grip.

He just laughed and dragged me out of the restaurant. He covered my mouth and dragged me into an ally. I started screaming but it came out muffled.

The other one held down my legs as the first one got on top of me. I managed to get one leg loose and kick them both in the balls. I crawled out from under them and started running until  one grabbed me by the hair and drag me back in.

''Little slut!'' One yelled slamming me against the wall. I hit it hard then fell on the tar. I felt numb and I couldn't do anything but scream.

''HELP! SOMEBODY! HELP ME!'' I screamed. One kicked me in the side and I hit the brick wall. Tears streamed down my face as it started to happen. My clothes were being torn off and he griped my arm so tight I screamed bloody murder.

''Hey! Get away from her!'' I heard a familiar voice yell. 

I didn't look because I could barely move my head.

I heard kicks and shit then I thought.. I'm dead. I started crying hysterically as arms grabbed me and pulled me to my feet. He held me close and shushed me while I cried.

''P-Please. Let me g-go home.'' I cried.

''Don't worry. I won't hurt you.'' He said taking me to his car.

''Where do you live sweetheart?'' He asked. I looked up from the guys chest and saw none other than Dahvie Vanity.

''Your Dahvie Vanity.'' I said shocked as I backed away.

''You must be a fan?'' He asked. I nodded as he led me into his car.

I told him my address and he got me in the other side of his seat.

''I'll take you home.'' Dahvie said as we drove down the road.

''Thank you.'' I said and smiled slightly. He returned it then looked to the road.

''So why do you work at Hooters? You don't look like a girl who would do that.'' He stated.

''It pays good. And I need the money.'' 

''For what?'' He asked.

''For a place to live.. And to go to Warped.'' I stated fiddling with my fingers.

''Your in the battle of the bands?'' He asked. I nodded.

''Hey maybe you'll see me there. I'm going with my buddie Kellin.'' He said.

''Kellin said he'd put in a good word for me.'' I grinned.

''You met Kellin?'' He asked.

''I was singing once and bumped into him.''

''That's cool.'' He smiled as we pulled up to my parking lot.

''Thank you Dahvie. For everything.'' I smiled getting out and walking up to my apartment.

''Where were you?! I was worried sick!'' Amber yelled.

I explained everything and she gave me a hug.

''You ever do that again I will murder you!'' She yelled causing me to laugh.

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