The Very Thought of You

Isolde Algieri, is an Irish-Italian girl from a wealthy family, who has been unlucky in the love department. She's A-list actress who is trying to move on with her life, after going through a painful divorce from another actor Mark Cornwell. Tristan Cavanaugh, a rock n roll princess who is the lead singer of a rock band that is taking over the world, her life is filled with sex, women, and drugs. Tristan has done everything in her power to forget about Isolde, the only girl she's truly ever loved. But when Mark keeps re-entering Isolde's life she begins having thoughts about taking him back, just so she doesn't have to be lonely. That plan quickly goes out the window, when Tristan reappears back in her life. So when Tristan appears on Isolde's doorstep, sparks begin to fly between the former lovers. Soon they begin a passionate relationship that will change their lives forever.


2. Hello You!

I'd rather die tomorrow than live a hundred  years without knowing you. --Unknown


Isolde couldn't believe her eyes, was she dreaming. Was Tristan Canvanaugh really standing outside her door? She had to be dreaming, she just had to be. Tristan's beautiful blue eyes were staring back at her. It seemed like time just stopped, that no one existed but her and Tristan. They continued to look at each other, until Tristan broke the silence between them.

"Hello Izzie." Tristan said with a cool confidence, that Isolde's heart skipped a beat. Isolde had always made Tristan nervous to the point that she couldn't think straight sometimes. Isolde was still stunning than ever. All Tristan wanted to do was to put Isolde into her arms and never let her go again, but she knew she had to take it slow with Isolde. She didn't want to come on strong and frighten Isolde away.

"Um, Tristan what are you doing here. I thought you lived in Paris." Isolde began staring down at the floor, she didn't what to look Tristan in her eyes. She could very easily get lost in those beautiful blues.

"Listen Isolde I know this crazy. I we haven't seen each other for several years, and I know it's my fault. But I missed you so much, and when I heard about your divorce I knew I had to see and make sure you were alright."

Isolde grabbed Tristan's hand and led her into the apartment and pushed her over to the couch. Isolde then took a seat in Tristan's lap. Tristan couldn't believe what was happening, maybe it was a sign that Isolde still loved her, even after all these years. Tristan could feel her body responding to Isolde being on her lap. Having Isolde this close to her was making her super horny. She couldn't stop herself from becoming aroused by Isolde. She didn't Isolde to think that she only showed up at place, just to get her into bed, even if she was secretly thinking it.

"I don't think it's crazy Tristan. The weird thing is that I was just thinking about you, before and after Mark left.

"Wait, your ex-husband Mark was over here." Tristan said looking confused and feeling a little jealous. She knew she had no right to feel jealous, Isolde wasn't hers. But Tristan wanted her to be more than anything.

Isolde looking at Tristan's facial expression, knew she had to reassure Tristan that nothing was going on between her and Mark and even after years of being apart, she was still crazy about her.

"Relax Tristan, nothing happened with Mark. He came over thinking he could sweet talk me into giving him another chance. I so crazy, even after all these years, we still back into each others like, we never stopped being together. Even when I married Mark, I never stopped thinking about you. I was always wondering if you were ever thinking about me."

"I know what you mean, it was always easy for us. We always seem to continue where we left off, like no time has even passed at all. Listen to me Izzie, I know that I've been with a ton of girls, but I never stopped loving you. Never. I was always thinking about you. I only felt alive when were together. I never should have ended things with you. I was really scared. I...mean you were starting school that fall and I was going on tour for eight months. I was scared that some damn yuppie was going to romance you away from me."

Isolde started to ease herself off Tristan's lap, but Tristan pulled her back. Isolde couldn't help but laugh. They stared into each other's as if nothing in the world mattered except for them. The thought of her leaving Tristan, for someone else was crazy. At that time she didn't think she could ever be with anyone except Tristan.That thinking didn't last long after Tristan broke her heart. She quickly rebounded with Eric, one of her guy friends from college. She didn't love Eric, she just wanted to feel close to someone.The relationship didn't end well, partly because of her unwilliness to fully commitment to Eric.

"Come on Tristan, you knew that was never going to happen. I'm madly in love with you. Our connection is so strong, that I didn't know where I end or when you begin. Even my marriage couldn't break that connection that I have with you."

"Don't think anything on this planet can break our connection. We are meant to be together, my dear. I believe that, I was born to love and protect you. But I thought that would change when you got married but it never did, even though I was with all those girls. I was hurt and surprised that you didn't tell me you were getting married or even invite me to your wedding. I had to hear that you were engaged from my parents."

Isolde slightly moved away from Tristan, she was ignored by the fact that Tristan had been with so many girls. Tristan picking up on her withdrawal from her, put her back into her arms. She was wanted to reasure Isolde, that she was the only girl for her.

"Oh you poor baby. It must have been pure hell for you, dating all those gorgeous supermodels. I feel so bad for you." Isolde said sarcastically.

"Very funny sweetheart. But it did sometimes feel like hell. I was a serial dater because I wanted to get over you so badly. But it failed big time. I only wanted you, but I knew I couldn't have you, because you married. I actually thought about crashing your wedding and running off with you.

Isolde turned to face Tristan and lean over to whispered in her ear, "You should have, I would hav e gladly ran off with you. Sometimes I think I was pretending all through my marriage. I mean I really did love Mark, but I wasn't in love with him. I think Mark knew that."

"Do you think that you would still married to him if he never cheated." Tristan asked.

"To honest, I would have. At the time, I was just settling for something, because I was afraid to be alone,and the sex with Mark was good and he and I wanted children. So in a way, it was a win-win situation for me."

"So do you still want children?" Tristan asked nervously.

"Why? Are you volunteering to be my baby momma."

"Absolutely, my love. So I think we should practice on that right now. Actually I think we should practice every day and night."

"I can see it now, a beautiful blue eyed baby with thick raven hair."

"Now that would be a very cute baby. But I don't think one baby is enough, we should have four children, two boys and two girls. What do you think?"

"That's fine with me, because I'm Irish, so I always wanted a house full of children, plus it would finally please my parents. They have been bugging me for grandchildren lately." Isolde said while cuddling up with Tristan.

"I know what you mean, our parents are baby crazy. That would mean that our future babies would have to go on tour with me."

"Correct, our future babies will go on tour with us, okay sweetheart. Your bachelorette days are offically over Miss. Cavanuagh."

"Amen! I also think it would be a perfect time to consummate our relationship" Tristan shouted out loud. Tristan decided that it was time to seal the deal with her lovely angel. Tristan always thought that if she ever rekindled her relationship with Isolde, it would be a slow progress, but then again, knowing their past history, slow was never part of their vocabulary. Their relationship was always fast and furious, and that was just the way Tristan liked it.

Tristan got up from the couch and surprised Isolde by sweeping her into her arms. She carried Isolde to the bedroom and gently laid her on the bed. Tristan slid into bed, right beside Isolde. Tristan pulled Isolde into her arms and before she knew it, she and Isolde lips found each other. Their kissing was slow at first, but eventually turned passionate. Before they knew, they quickly removed all of their clothes until they were both in their birthday suits. Their bodies came together like puzzle pieces. Their lips found each other, as if the past and the present were meeting for the first time. Isolde began grinded her pelvis against Tristan's, that sensation was so strong that Isolde throught she would come. Tristan preceded to roll Isolde onto her back, continuing her sexual exploration of Isolde's body. Tristan brought her hands between Isolde's thighs, and started to caress her sex, which drove Isolde's crazy with need.

"Oh yes. Don't stop Tristan." Isolde moaned as Tristan entered her with her fingers, which made Isolde lock her legs around Tristan's waist. "Oh baby, I want more." Isolde said on an exhale as she arched her hips to meet Tristan's thrusts into her body. Tristan continued to move in and out of her, to which Isolde began screaming out her name. The cries of passion from Isolde, only made Tristan wild with pleasure, drawing her closer to her own release. No one on the planet could set her body on fire like Isolde.

The passionate moans coming from Tristan, only increased Isolde's desire, that she increased her movements until Tristan was gasping for breath. It delighted Isolde, that she could Tristan immesnse pleasure. Their lovemaking session lasted for hours until they both collasped out of exhaustion, their screams from their climaxes echoed around the bedroom. Tristan rolled off of Isolde's body, which was covered with sweat. Isolde turned on her side, facing Tristan, who was on her back. While resting on her elbow, Isolde couldn't help but smile at Tristan.

There was no doubt in Isolde's mind, that she was madly in love with the woman laying next to her in bed. Tristan seached her face with her eyes. Looking at the grin on Isolde's face, made Tristan's heart swell. At that moment, Tristan wanted to promise the world to Isolde. Hell she wanted to shout to anyone who would listen, that she was crazy about her redheaded princess. When Isolde started to caress her stomach with her fingertips, it sent a shiver up her sprine. God how she missed feeling this way. Tristan knew that she could never love but Isolde, she was her soul, the reason for her being.

It was about an hour before they both eventually came down from the high of their lovemaking. Tristan gathered Isolde into her arms, who still had a smile on her face. It wasn't before long that they both drifted off to sleep.

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