Finding Change

Meet Florence de Vere. Flo for short. She's from one of the richest families in London, her parents wanting her to take on the family business. But she has other ideas. She wants to sing, much to her mothers dismay. She's never fit into her mothers lifestyle, the formal dresses and boring parties.
Meet Harry Styles. Part of the big boyband One Direction. 5 years ago his life changed, when he became part of the best thing in his life. But his life took a change for the worst. He started hanging around with the wrong crowd, smoking things he shouldn't, doing things that he shouldn't, piercing and tattooing his body. The other boys try and support him but his job may be coming to an end.
When these two people meet for a one night stand, could both individuals get something they both want out of the result?


17. Chapter 17

I knocked hard on the door that I used to live in. But no-one answered. I knocked again and looked around, making sure nobody was watching me. "Harry! Open the door!" I shout. I look through the front window into the living room but see nothing. 
I go to bang on the front door again but it opens instead, my hand just going through air. Harry is stood on the other side and I'm shocked at the state he's in. 
He's wearing a pair of grey joggers, and a black vest top and no shoes. His face is pale and the bags under his eyes are huge. His eyes look tired but his nose looked fine. The colour from his lips had disappeared and his messy curls were just lying around his face.

"Flo?" He asks, not really sure whether its me. I push past him and shove the magazine in his direction.

"Want to explain that?" I ask him. He looks at the magazine and then smiles.

"It was just a misunderstanding," he says lazily. Was he drunk?

"Tell me," I demand.

"The boys were just helping me out, I was drunk and I lashed out," he tells me like it was nothing. He was definitely drunk.

"So you hit someone who's like a brother to you? What's happened to you Harry?" I say.

"I gave up Flo. I didn't see the point anymore," he tells me.

"You didn't see the point?!" I shout at him, my blood boiling. "This baby was the point! Your career was the point!" He just shrugs at me which makes me angrier. "You obviously don't give a shit!" I scream at him. I expect no reaction but his head jerks to look at me.

"Don't you dare say that I don't care!" He growls walking towards me. I back away from him but my back hits the wall. "These past few months have been hell. I've nearly lost my job, I've lost you and I've lost my child. Why do you think my life is spinning out of control? I drink to ease the pain because I can't stand my life without you!" He tells me, standing inches away from me.

"I don't believe you," I say stubbornly but my heart was racing as I could feel the heat coming from him. "I don't believe that you can feel like that towards me. I was always going to be the girl that was an inconvenience to you, who was just there because of an accident," I retaliate back. He huffs and runs his hand through his hair, pushing it off his face.

"Don't you get it! I care about you Flo. I care about both of you," he says, his fingers grazing my cheek. I look into his eyes but somehow I can't see the honesty there.

"If you don't get your life sorted out, I don't want my baby knowing who her father is," I say pushing past him. Before I get to the door he says something.

"I love you."  

 I spin round to face him and see his hands braced on the wall where I was stood, as he looks at his feet.

"Don't be silly. You're just drunk," I tell him. He looks at me, tears in his eyes.

"Flo I'm not.." He starts but I cut him off.

"Harry stop. You've been drunk for the past month, I can tell you are. Why would you say that? You don't love me!" I reply turning and walking out of the door.

"Flo wait!" He shouts running after me. 
I unlock my car as quickly as I can when suddenly an excruciating pain in my belly causes me to double over. I cry out in pain as I feel strong hands on my shoulders.

"Flo are you alright?" Harry asks me frantically.

"I'm fine," I say trying to stand up but the pains come again. I fall into Harry's arms. 
Then I feel something else.

"Harry I think my waters just broke," I tell him. His eyes widen and his chest rises and falls rapidly.

"Shit!" He exclaims.

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