Finding Change

Meet Florence de Vere. Flo for short. She's from one of the richest families in London, her parents wanting her to take on the family business. But she has other ideas. She wants to sing, much to her mothers dismay. She's never fit into her mothers lifestyle, the formal dresses and boring parties.
Meet Harry Styles. Part of the big boyband One Direction. 5 years ago his life changed, when he became part of the best thing in his life. But his life took a change for the worst. He started hanging around with the wrong crowd, smoking things he shouldn't, doing things that he shouldn't, piercing and tattooing his body. The other boys try and support him but his job may be coming to an end.
When these two people meet for a one night stand, could both individuals get something they both want out of the result?


13. Chapter 13

*Five months later*
"Can we just wait five minutes longer? He promised he'd be here," I tell the nurse. She just sighs and leaves me in the doctor's room. I dial Harry's number again but it goes straight to voice mail.

"Where the fuck are you?" I whisper furiously down the phone. I know it's only a message but I want him to know how pissed off I was with him. He'd promised me he would be here, what could he be doing that was more important than finding out what the sex of our baby would be. 
It'd been a month since that tragic party at our house. Harry promised he wouldn't do it again so the next day I came back home, and nothing else was said about it. We carried on with our normal lives, not getting in each others way. 
In a way I was relieved that we wouldn't have to talk but another part of me misses talking and laughing with him.

 He's still dating Sylvia too but I can't say anything since I'm dating Tom. They try and stay out of each others way but are always polite if they cross paths. 
Nothing's happened between me and Harry since that party and I don't think it ever will. I think the moment has been and gone and I'm perfectly happy with Tom anyway. He's been nothing but nice to me. He says he'll stay with me through my pregnancy, he even asked me to move in with him but I thought it would've been disrespectful to Harry because he bought me this house. Whenever Sylvia stays I just escape to Tom's and we eat ice cream all night and watch films.

"I'm really sorry but I have other appointments," the nurse comes back in apologetically.

"That's fine, thanks for waiting," I say politely but I'm cursing Harry in my mind. 
After my appointment I walk through the door to our house and make my way to the kitchen. I pour myself a huge glass of water and pull the scan out of my bag. I was so happy with the results; I'm just annoyed that I had to experience it alone. 
I hear the stairs creak and see Harry walking down the stairs. My cheeks blush as I see he's only wearing a pair of jogger shorts. 
His bare chest has gotten more toned lately, making his tattoos stand out even more. He runs his hand through his messy hair and rubs his eyes. Before I can say anything someone walks behind him. Sylvia. 
She's got her hair up in a messy bun on top of her head and she's wearing one of Harry's t-shirts, smothering her thin body. He wraps his arm around her waist and kisses her hair, making sure I'm watching.  

"Hey what's up?" He asks me. I laugh and throw my drink in the sink, not caring if it smashes. He looks at me startled.

"What's up?! Weren't you supposed to be somewhere today?" I shout. He just looks at me blankly and my blood boils. 
I push past both of them, shoving the scan of our baby into Harry's chest.

"I hope you had fun," I say, walking up the stairs. 
I couldn't believe he'd been having sex whilst I was at our doctor's appointment, I thought, wiping the stupid tears away from my eyes. I pulled an overnight bag out of my wardrobe and started filling it with my clothes. Maddy would have to come back for the rest. I also grab my guitar and make my way back downstairs. 
Sylvia seems to have disappeared and Harry is sat on the couch, the scan in his hands.

"It's a girl," he murmurs, his voice husky.

"Yeah and the Doctor said she's healthy too, but you wouldn't care about that either," I tell him, snatching the picture off him and putting it in my bag. His eyes flick up to me, tears in his red eyes.

"Are you fucking kidding me?!" He says angrily. "Would I have bought you a house if I didn't care?!" He shouts.

"I didn't ask for a house Harry! I just wanted your support, not your bloody money. I didn't ask to be treated like shit everyday and didn't ask you to flaunt beautiful girls in my face whilst I'm going through the biggest change in my life," I explode at him, happy to finally get it all out.

"I do support you! You have everything you ever needed here, I made sure of it," he replies back.

"You don't get it! I don't want material stuff! I wanted love and affection, and for people to keep their promises," I tell him. He looks a little defeated.

"Listen Sylvia was upset. What was I supposed to do?" He argues.

"You were supposed to tell her you had somewhere to be! If this baby isn't more important than that, I now know where I stand," I tell him. 

 "Where are you going?" He asks looking at my bags.

"I'm going somewhere where someone will take proper care of me," I tell him walking to the door.

"Flo please don't leave. I'm sorry okay," he pleads with me, tears falling down his face. I have to will myself to not cry. "I've given you enough chances Harry. Enough chances to change your attitude about me and the baby, but you've blown them all," I tell him, my voice breaking and the tears fall down my face.

"I promise I can change," he cries, his hand on my belly, "for her."
"Don't make promises you can't keep. Goodbye Harry," I say opening the front door. He just stands there speechless. 
I suddenly felt sorry for him, but I knew what I was doing would be the best for both of us, it's the only way to stop us both from hurting. I give him a lingering kiss on the cheek and then make my way out of the door. When I get in my car I hear the front door slam shut, and shouting and banging coming from inside. 
I hurry to drive down the street before I change my mind. 

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