Love at the Dance

It was her best friends Holly's birthday and she was with all the people that disliked her. What happens when both Holly's and Lauren's dreams come true without even knowing it? Read to find out.


2. Friday before the dance.

I ran all the way to Holly's house which is right ouside of school and knock on her door. 

"Hello" I said happily to Holly's mum. "Can I put my things here for tonight?"

"Sure things Lauren, just pop them in Holly's room and go see her, don't worrys she's dressed, i an hear her typing and listening to that band both of you like." she said as I went upstairs.

"its One Direction, Hannah!" I said to Holly's mum, Hannah. I walked into Holly's room and noticed she was updating her facebook status.

It read 'Having my best friend for a sleepover today, Party tomorrow!!' I walked out behind her and whispered in her ear. "I know where you live." she turned around shocked, but then gave me a hug. "Come on we don't wanna be late for school!" I said to her, with her rely of "Ok ok, but we have to listen to One Direction!"

" Of course, why would we not?" I said to her going out her room. 

She signed off of facebook and ran down the stairs with my putting her music on whilst walk out the door, shouting "Bye mum!" 

We were listening to One Direction's album walking into the school. All the year noticed and came running to us. Noticing me, they took Holly away and I shouted "see you at break Holly!" I walked off to first lesson which was English. I walked pass some girls and heard my name, emo and others but I just let it go walking into lesson.

Wow today was going to a longgg day. 

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