dying to live *completed *

*warning * suicide attempt, drug abuse, and smoking! Mature readers only.--- Kasey Miller has an abusive step mother. Each day she makes Kasey hate herself more and more. If only some one could stop the pain she feels in her heart everyday. If only someone could destroy the suicide thoughts that wander around her brain. If only someone could make her life worth living .


1. Chapter 1: meeting Kasey

Chapter 1; Meeting Kasey. --------------------- "You're worthless!!!!! You're nothing more than a little mistake!! You should have died at birth along with your mother!! Or better yet, never have been born!!!" I closed my door muffling out her screams of hatred. Tears brimmed my eyes and a few fell unwillingly. I plopped down on my bed and stuffed my face into my pillow sobbing. I don't know why my step mother hates me so much. After my dad died, she treated my as if I was just her slave. I walked into my bathroom and shut the door grabbing my 'friend' while sinking down to the ground. My razor gently caressed my skin and I hesitated hearing the voices in my head once again. "Do it you worthless piece of trash!" They taunted me. "Slit your throat ! Or put on a show and cut a bit to deep the bleed out!!" I shook my head clearing out the thoughts. I made 3 easy and quick slices across my wrist feeling instant relief. I cleaned up the blood and pulled on a grey hoodie to hide the freshly made cuts. I walked downstairs slowly and quietly to find my step mother gone. I sighed in relief then went to the fridge grabbing a water. I finished my water then entered my room to do homework. I soon was done with that and decided to shower. I stepped on letting the warm water wash away the dirt from my body. s I washed my arms I counted the scares on them. 32. Not counting the 3 I made today. I can't help but feel as if the world hates me. I'm 17 and tried to commit suicide 6 times since the time I was 13. 13. The age I was when my father died. I remember being 5 and paranoid that monsters where going to get so I climbed Into bed with him. Being 10 and being nervous about a recital only to have him reassure me. My father was always a nice man, but he couldn't raise a kid on his own. So he married Kilmona. What kind of name is that anyway? She says its exotic but I mean it has kill right in it. My father married her out of convenience instead of love. I stepped out of the shower rapping a towel around my body. I got into PJs then climbed Into my bed draping the warm duvet around me. My head rested on the pillow staring At the ceiling. Eventually my eyes grew heavy and I drifted asleep dreaming horrid and graphic dreams of my death.
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