1. The Girl

sorry if my spelling is bad its just that i suck at spelling haha.So don't judge me.jk but i would love to know what you guys think about it thanks.


                                                                          ~Harry's POV~

I walked into Nandos waiting for Niall to come inside from the car.I chose a seat next to the window."May I take your order?"A girl said with a deep British accent.

"Um I am waiting for my lad.But he should be here soon."I said looking into her beautiful green eyes.She shook her head understandingly and walked to the next table.A old lady came to our table about 5 minutes later.

''May I take your order?"She asked.

"Not yet.''I said looking at Niall who had his head inside the car.The old woman walked away and said something under her breath.Niall ran in and sat down with me and called over the girl.I looked at the name on the tag on her green shirt.It read : Jaydin Tomlinson.

"may I take your order?''She asked in her sweet accent.

"I would like...''Niall started but I dosed off while looking at all of her features.She had beautiful green eyes.She had a surfers tan and golden hair.her face was a perfectly shaped and her lips looked so kissable.Then she looked at me.

"And yours?"She said.

"I'll just get a burger and fries please."I said looking at her.

"Let me guess you also want my number?"She giggled and I nodded getting red.She wrote something down on our note and went into the back.About 5 minutes later she came back with our food and a piece of paper.She wrote down her number and stuck it in the pocket on my shirt then walked away and took a different tables order.After we ate we got ready to leave and paid.Niall had ordered a big meal so he was plenty stuffed.I gave Jaydin a tip of 40 dollars then we left.But before I drove off I texted Jaydin to see if it was the right number.After I had sent it Jaydin looked at her phone and smiled.Then I got a text.'Thanks for coming :)' it read.I smiled and then drove off.

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