Remember Summer '09

Lea was your average 17 year old with her long blonde hair, which happened to be curly, and blue eye which have a slight tint of green in them. Lea absoloulty loves One Direction, and would do anything to meet them. Though, she doesn't remember that in summer '09 she was best mates with Liam Payne. What will happen when she gets tickets from her foster mom, Delia to see One Direction in concert? What happens when she meets them?
*Lea is played by Danielle, but imagine Danielle Blonde c:*


1. Meet & Greet

 ~*Summer '09- The Start*~


     You could say that I wasn't particually fond of the fact that I had to go to summer camp, because I wasn't. I'm gonna complain about it, too. It's absoloutly disgusting, and I hate sweating. Granted, it always happens due to bullying at school. I'm 14, and in desperite need of a makeover. You could say I was "skinny" being only a size 0, but at school I'm known as the "fat one". My hair is always covering my face everyday, hiding a new bruise from kids at school, or from my father. The blonde locks are my shield, or in my eyes they are. My own dad abuses me, between school and home abuse I have no escape. So going to this summer camp would be my lifesaver, even if I'm not fond of going to it.

"Hurry up!" My father yelled.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm hurrying." I replied.

I quickly put my light blonde locks in a tight bun, and scurried down the stairs with my suitcases.

"Don't use that tone with me again, missy," He scolded.

"Whatever floats your boat," I reply, sarcasm dripping from my voice.

He sends me a death glare, and points outside.

"The bus is waiting, Lea. Hurry your ass up,"

I had stuck my tongue out at him, and closed the door behind me.

Freedom, I had thought to myself.

I got in the bus, holding my two suitcases close, and waited to be where I can be free.


~*After the bus ride*~

     I had just got out of the bus when I bumped into someone.

"I'm so sorry!" I said, brushing off my jeans.

"It's alright," The voice, a male with a British accent, replied with a chuckle.

I look up at him, and smile. He looks to be about 16, his hair is obivously straighted and he has a birthmark on his neck, cute.

"Again, I'm really sorry. I'm such a clutz," 

He chuckled once again, and put his hand out in front of mine, "I'm Liam Payne," He said.

"Lea, Lea Steele,"

He looked at his sheet, "I'm in a girls cabin," He laughed.

"Isn't it two people per cabin, too?" I giggled.

He nodded his head, and showed me his sheet.

Cabin 61898(A/N: See what I did there?)

That was my cabin.

"Looks like we're sharing a cabin, Liam," I said with a slight laugh, and blush.

He blushed slightly, "Alright with me,"


~*End of Summer '09*~

I quickly packed my things, and looked over at Liam. He smiled at me, and I smiled in return.

"This was a fun summer," He said, intwining our fingers.

I giggled slightly, "It was, Li, it was,"

He kissed my cheek and whispered, "I'll miss you,"

No, it isn't what your thinking. We aren't dating, not a single speck of a dating relationship here.

"I'll miss you too, Li," I whispered back.

He smiled slightly, and turned away to continue packing. I smiled and finished my packing.

"You really don't wanna go back, do you?" He asked me.

I shook my head, forgetting his back was turned away from me, "N-No. I don't."

He wrapped his arms around my waist, setting his chin on my shoulders.

"I don't either,"

A slight smile set itself on my face. That is what I remembered the most about Summer '09. Or, so I thought. (A/N: Lea was explaining this kinda like, well, I think you get it. But explaining after she met Liam, and I can't say too much. But I have this all planned out)


~*Summer '12- Now.*~

     My friend and I squeal in delight as my foster parent, Delia, saunters in.

"I got the tickets, girls!" She squeals.

Madlynn squeals and I smile a toothy, idiotic grin. I finally get to meet my idol, the tickets automaticlly come with backstage passes.

"I GET TO MEET LIAM PAYNE, OOOOH, LIAM PAYNE, OOOOH!" I cheer, doing a little dance.


I laugh loudly at my best friend, and smile at Delia.

"We got backstage passes, right?" I ask her.

She nods vigerisly, and hugs me.

"I'm so proud of you, Lea." She whispers.

When I came back from summer camp, I don't even remember the half of it. But when my dad picked me up, he was drunk. The whole time I was yelling, "STOP THE CAR, STOP THE CAR!" He didn't listen. We ended up crashing. I lost all my memory due to it, and only remember the car crash to today. I don't remember anything that happened during summer camp, or anyone.

"I know," I giggle.

Delia hands Madlynn her ticket and backstage pass, than hands me mine.

"Make sure that you girls stay safe, I can't go." Delia yells walking out of the room.

I roll my eyes, and turn towards Madlynn.

"I want them to sing What Makes You Beautiful to me," I say to her, choosing out an outfit.

"I do too, but I honestly love it how you already know the show is today."

"I looked at the tickets,"

Her face flushes slightly as she throws me some clothing.

"Seriously?! No 1D apparel, don't want them to think we are too obsessed,"

She sticks her tongue out at me, picking up the shirt and sweater.

"Tank top and cartigan?" She asks.


She hands me  the items, and I hand her a sundress.

"It's the summer," I tell her. 

She rolls her eyes, "No Lea, it's Winter!"

I stifle a laugh, and quickly stip out of my other clothing, and put on what Madlynn gave me.

"What makeup does this match!?" I ask.

She shrugs, and I smile at the sundress shes in.

"Great!" I yell, anger rising.

"I know you aren't the best in makeup sitiations, but you look great without it!" Madlynn encourages.

"Fine, but you should put on some mascara and natural makeup if I'm going without."

She mumbles some 'fucks' and 'damn it, Lea's' but I don't mind.

I log onto my Twitter account while she puts on makeup and Tweet: '@Lea_Steele: Gonna go to the One Direction concert! Finally gonna meet my idol @Real_Liam_Payne ! So exited!'

~*Liam's Point Of View*~

     I let out a cheer as I get a Twitter notification. I see it's from Lea, I remember her sweet voice, pretty Blue and Green eyes. Her simple blonde hair that falls perfectly down her back, and her in genral. I miss her, a lot, and I already know she won't remember me. I heard about the car crash she was in due to her father. Plus, she's 17, I'm 19. It's illegal. Why do I care? I still love her, I loved her the minute I bumped into her 3 years ago.

"Mate? Why are you staring at some girls Twitter profile?" Louis asks with a chuckle.

"I-Erm, what?" I fumble with my words as Louis says, "You are staring at a 17 year old girls profile, gonna follow her or something?"

I nod my head, and click the follow button, favoriting her Tweet.

"You look at her profile everyday, Li. Why?" Niall asks, plopping down next to me.

"I knew her," I whisper, "I met her in summer camp 3 years ago, she got into a car crash because of her dad, and doesn't remember me."

Harry's behind me, I can tell because of his large hands, rubbing soothing circles on my back.

"I miss her so much," I whisper.

"It's okay, Li. She made another post saying shes got backstage passes," Zayn laughs.

I perk my head up, and read the Tweet.

I get to see Lea again, and she'll remember me this time.


~*Author's Note*~

This is from my Wattpad, don't think I am copyrighting anyone. Thank you c: 


Copyright 2013 LeaPayne (CC)

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