The Broken Girl

Ellie's parents died when she was 5. Her mother Killed in front of her. 18 and living life with a struggle, what happens when she meets Carrie,Billy,Jaymes and Tyrone, who are all mega famous? A romance, Vampire story with a pinch of One Direction


1. Chapter1- The Remembrance


CHAPTER 1- The Remembrance

The wind hit my chest as I walked into the library for what felt like the first but was actually the 10th billionth.
I walked past the dull book desk where Mrs Henabry, the oldest and most boring lady I know sat.All ways talking about her self and her grandson, Artie.From her description he was a young handsome bloke, 10 years of age with jet black hair and big brown eyes that could get away with murder. Murder it comes and goes. My life practically revolves around murder. I was 5 when both my parents were killed. I remember the evening like this mornings breakfast. 
A cold, briskly night with a bright full moon that shone over the world like a spotlight. The trees rustled together like maracas and the streets, dead. I sat watching the Teletubbies in my old lounge room while my mother was feeding our cat at the time, Romero. A tabby with brown eyes and a big brown spot on the top of his head. My father cooking our dinner we were expecting that night. Little did he know that feast would never be eatin. I was half way through the show when the TV switched off. I stared at the television then stood up and waddled over  to my mother who was petting Romero. My father still cooking our dinner but humming a familiar tune.
He had taught it to me the year before. The lullaby he sung to me every night before I slept. I still remember it.

"Young slim grey or old,
Summer heat or winter cold.
They wait for you to leave alone,
So they can take you to their home.
Pale skin and red eyes,
Sparkling when in the sky.
Slaves they need you can be theirs,
Your bright blue eyes and shimmering hair.
Your the saviour to kill them all,
My little girl sweet,strong and small."

I never really found out the meaning of it. I still have no clue. But it's about a creature. I want to find it.

Anyways, there was suddenly a smash and a knock at the front door. My father opened it and in a swish movement was killed by a gun. My mother instantly in tears picked me up and ran upstairs. Romero close behind us, we hid in my playroom. The killer came into our house and his footsteps were loud and heavy. Up the staircase and into the bathroom. Romero ran out the window to save his own life and I wished we had followed. My mother looked at me for a split second then spoke, "Honey, mummy has to go but, you have to promise me something. Kill them. I love you Ellie boo." She got out my favourite teddy bear. It was covered in blue and green spots and a photo of my mother, father, Romero and I on the stomach. With a quick swish I turned invisible. I don't know how but I did. The Killer entered the room and his face was villainous and a scar from his left ear all the way to his nose. Black cloak and stubby shoes with no hair. "Goodnight Abigale Jensen," he said an right before my eyes. She was killed by the man. I've never seen him again, but when I do, I'm gonna kill him. The murdering was 13 years ago and I haven't gone a day without thinking of them. Why wouldn't I?! I've lived on the streets of London from 10 years of age. I've begged, busked and did anything to survive. I finally got enough money to rent out a flat in a backpackers hotel. Well I'm 18 so I can go drinking and clubbing with my frie- wait I haven't got any of those. Back to reality. I walked past Mrs Henabry, past any of the books for girls and waltzed straight up to the computers. I searched up 'London Party' on Yahoo. 63'000 options popped up. I clicked on the first one. A girl who looked about my, pooped up with a can of soft drink in her hand. She wore super short red dress, too much make-up and her breasts looked like they could explode! 'Come down to Gary's Bar and have some fun!' She said. That's when I realised I was gonna get wasted for the first time in my life. But hey! I have NO FAMILY LEFT(that I know of) NO FRIENDS and I'm 18. Lets go crazy!

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