Don't let me go

*Aud, please… don’t let me go. I love you. * I turned around still crying and I saw him crying too looking me. His hand touched my cheek and I closed my eyes. Then surprisly, It’s started raining. I opened my eyes and I looked at him. We were all wet but we didn’t care at this time. I began close to him and he mumbled :
*I dreamt for this for too long. Forget about anything. Think about me and you. Us. I want you in my life. Only you. And it’s with you that I want to share with you my dream…*
*And… what is this dream?* He began more closer now.
* Kissing you in the rain.*And he kissed me. I didn’t let go. It was sweet and I didn’t want this kiss to stop. He smiled on the kiss and I smiled too. He let go and smiling to me. I blushed .
* I love you Audrey Dobrev* And he kissed me again. In the rain. Seem like a dream. Just him and me .Us. Together. Forever and always.

" Don't let me go..."


5. I missed you too

"Are you following us or what?" I asked a  little nervously. Why he was there at OUR hotel? Nina pushed my shoulder and laughed. " Sorry Harry, She's tired." She excused. I rolled my eyes. "Well I'm not following you, My room is in this hotel..."


Are you kidding me?


"Fine, night" I walked off pushed Nina with me to bring her in the elevator.

"Wait!" Harry ran in and the door instanly closed.

"Au... I'm sorry about that day" I laughed about his words. Nina pushed me again but this time I fell on him. 

"So-Sorry" I tried to say full of... you know. gosh.  "It's okay" Then the doors opened. I quickly grabbed Nina's arm and walked off. "AU Wait up!" I turned my head around him and standing there, looking in his eyes. " Au.. I want to be your friend again... I was stupid with Josh..." At this moment, Nina entered in our room, only Harry and me left in the corridor and now, I wanted to accept his excuses, why? not a clue. I wanted to be his friend like before. I missed him, his laugh, his smile... all our memories together. We were still looking at each other eyes and him began to cry. I couldn't stand like this. I ran to him. He was shocked for seconds then he opened his arms for me. I jumped on him and laughed. " I missed you Au..." 




"I missed you too"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   





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