Depression's Poems

This is my first Movella. It is just a compilment of multiple poems have have written when I'm sad or depressed. There are a few that were written by a friend or a friend helped me with it. Thanks to Music Freak and LoveOfTheMusic.


4. Relization


We learn many lessons
Within our lifetime
Some are easier to
Grasp then others
But there is always a
Journey you have to take.

But no matter what
The most difficult
Time consuming
Lesson of all is
Realizing that
It wasn't real

There was nothing
At all
Between you two
There was no
There was no
Real relationship.

And realizing that
Is one of the saddest
Most depressing
Thing a person can go through

That moment when you read the text
That moment s/he "talks" to you
That moment when you're alone
Thinking about them
Is when it happens.
Realization happens

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