Depression's Poems

This is my first Movella. It is just a compilment of multiple poems have have written when I'm sad or depressed. There are a few that were written by a friend or a friend helped me with it. Thanks to Music Freak and LoveOfTheMusic.


10. Life


It isn't easy
It wasn't made to be easy
Fakes claim it is
No it's not

You can't change it
We lived the past
We live the present
And we live for the future

Fate gives us a challenge
Some are harder then others
She expects us to win
Because she designs it that way

Fate brings people
Into our lives
Who will either
Make or break us
Only we can choose
Who we allow to do that

And when its all finish
We are stronger
Then what we started out as

We learn lessons
During our days on this planet
Some of them are valuable

We experience things
Memories of the past
Happy times
Sad times
Depressed times
But all they are
Are memories

Dwelling on the past
Will get you no where
Especially the bad ones
Focus on the future
And especially the present

Don't let the evils of
Depression and Sadness
Creep it's way into your brain
Don't underestimate it
Because it's powerful
And it does it's job well

Don't let your emotions
Or your thoughts
Tear you down
Don't keep them in
Doing that will allow
The devil inside you
To tear itself out
Unleash itself

That's not the person
You want to be

Don't let the bad
Outweigh the good

Face the world
And fate
With a smile on your face
Ready to conquer anything
It throws at you
Because you can defeat it
With the hope you have
Deep within your heart
Anything is possible

And that's a fact

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