Expect the Unexpected

a married woman named Holly and her husband Cody have 4 kids, how ironic! well this lady is actually my neighbor! all true. but worst thing is, i dated one of her sons!


2. the endless disaster

 the first time i ever saw Kenny, i thought he was cute and had a good

personality, but as always i was wrong.

im just like Holly, always wrong with choosing men. 

mabey i could be exact and find the right one.

but lets get to the point, he turned out to have a really preverted mind!

he hit on both of my sisters, how discusting.

he may be cute, but a very, VERY, bad influence!

i never want to go through that again.

i decided i must do what had to be done.

i had to break up with him.

that wasnt gonna be easy though.

he made it really hard to get close enough to say anything without screaming.

im allergic to axe, the deodorant spray.

he was wearing it and i almost threw-up.

it took me a long time to get used to the smell.

afterwards, i got a text from Holly saying he was crying all night.

i almost felt bad, then i thought of all the trouble he caused.

i didnt want to get involved.

it took a lot of force to get him away.

now that next school year, he will be in high school too!

then every day he will come over asking me to help him study for a test.

mabey he will even encourage me to do his homework!

im through with him.

each chapter talks about one individually.

next is Daiza.

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