bleeding out

when tyler finds out he is being followed by blood thirsty vampires, he finds a girl who is hi best friend, and partner in slaying the vampires


2. the beginning, and a friend

tylers POV

im walking home from school as usual, its raining, not so usual, its pouring and i have only a thin sweater, i feel like im being watched, but every time i turn around no one is there, i walk faster, freezing, my backpack soaked, there goes my homework, but i have a good excuse, i was unprepared for the weather, i here footsteps behind me, i turn to see an older teenager, abut eighteen, me being fourteen, his eyes gold, he runs to me, i turn and run, but he is too fats

"you cant get away from me" it says and pushes me to the ground, he pins me to the ground, i see fangs sneak out of his upper lip

"what do you want from me" i say, helpless on the ground

"your blood kid" he says and leans in, i push it, gut it doesn't budge, the fangs pierce my neck and i fall into a trance, then it lets out an ear piercing scream and lets go, im still dazed and dizzy, i see a figure beating up the monster with a knife, i lean my head back, the figure kneels down next to me, she has long brown hair, that's all i can tell

"come on, i need to get you inside" she says, her voice soft, she helps me to my feet and starts walking, eventually she puts my arm over shoulder and keeps walking, we arrive at a small building, kind of like a grocery store, but its two stories, she takes me upstairs and into a heated room, i first realize i am shivering, but i cant move very well, my head is spinning like crazy

"what happened" i ask and rub my eyes, it doesn't help my vision at all

"you were attacked, by a vampire" she says and put a warm rag on my head after she lays me down, i try to get up but she keeps pinning me down, which is not fair because i can barely move my arms

"but why" i ask adjusting the rag

"they got scent of your blood, and apparently they like it" she says, just the thought of attracting vampires scared me, how will i know when they are right next to me or in the same elevator as them

"that's creepy, and how do you know" i ask

"my father died hunting them, he taught me how, but i need a partner before i can start hunting them myself" she says

"hey, what if i am your partner" i say, she laughs

"it will take months of training" she says

"well train me" i say, my vision is starting to clear up, but the fine details are still fuzzy like her eyes and complexion, i reach for her hand, i hold it, she is shaking, she is looking at the window, i look, there is a man standing there, fangs bared, looking at her

"there you are brat" he says and walks over, she pulls out her knife, but the vampire grabs her wrists, he goes for her neck, i take her knife from her and stab his neck, he backs away, pulling the knife out and jumps out the window, apparently he bit her, she is lying on the floor, half unconscious, i get off of the bed

"how did he get in here, the window was locked" she says half groaning as i lift her up and onto the bed

"well it found a way in" i say, she groans and holds her neck where it bit her, it is a trickle of blood running down her chest, i get a towel and wipe it away and hold it on the wound, her hand falls on mine, it is cold, i put my other hand on hers, attempting to warm it up

"yeah, so when do you want to begin training" she asks with a faint smile

"when we have both recovered and im in dry warm clothes" i say, i let her hold the cloth while i take my wet sweatshirt off, my shirt comes off with it and she laughs, i quickly put it back on shivering

"so whats your name" she says, sitting up slightly

"tyler, yours" i say

"savannah, i can go with you to your house, i know when i am followed, or someone im with is being followed" she says

"when you can stand with out falling" i say, she smiles, eyes still closed, i take a minute to study her while i can, she has freckles, tan eyebrows, slight light brown highlights, and pale skin, well for now, the vampire took a lot from her in that little time, her eyes open, her steel blue eyes bright and hurt, it makes me feel sad inside

"why are you looking at me like that" she says, i quickly look away

"sorry" i say and blush, she giggles and swings her feet over the side of the bed, she rubs her eyes

"its ok, you ready" she says, i nod and walk over to the door

"here" she throws me a leather jacket, its not hers, but its really big

"whose is this" i say holding it out in front of me to look at the size

"it was my brothers before he left" she says, i put it on, it hangs below my butt, and the sleeves are too long, she laughs and walks over to me

"i think its too tight" i joke with a serious face, she laughs again and walks out in front of me, i follow her outside and now its her turn to follow me

we walk side by side for ten minutes until we turn on my street, the jacket makes me feel weird, just how loose it is on me

"here we are, come on" i say and jog up my driveway and to the front door, i walk in and hold the door for her, we attempt to sneak upstairs, but my brother Colin catches us

"who is this" he says walking up to us

"a friend, we are just going up to my room" i say and urge her up, but colin grabs the back of the jacket i am wearing and pulls me back, he wraps his arms around me, pining me there, savannah stops half way up the stairs and watches

"now look at him, this face" colin starts pinching my cheeks, savannah laughs and i blush like crazy

"stop it colin" i yell

"why, you embarrassed" he says and puts both hands on my cheeks, rubbing them, i hear savannah laughing

"just stop" i get away from him and run up to savannah, we run up to my room and close the door, i lock it incase colin decides to follow

"i like your brother" she says and laughs, sitting on my bed

"thanks, he is a pain in the ass sometimes" i say taking off the jacket, i throw that and my soaked sweatshirt on the floor next to the door

"yeah, i can tell, where are your parents" she says and i freeze, i don't know where they are, Peru, china, England

"i don't know, they leave for weeks and stay home for a few hours, they never tell us where they go" i say and walk past her to my closet, im freezing right now, i have a ceiling fan and a floor fan, i was just soaking, now im shirtless and cold

"im sorry, my parents died last year, i live on my own" my heart aches

"was that your room, where you took me" i ask, she nods

"im not even supposed to be there, i have nearly to no clothes, they burned along with my parents in our old house" she says, i feel like crying

"so why don't you go live with a friend" i ask putting on a t shirt, i walk over to the wall in my room to change jeans

"i don't have any, when i tell them about my father they get scared and run away from me" she says, i hear her sniffle, like she is going to cry

"well that's messed up" i say

"yeah" her voice cracked, i finish changing and walk out to her, she is crying, i sit on the bed next to her

savannahs POV

"its ok" tyler says to me and put an arm around my shoulder, i wrap my arms around his waist  and cry into his chest, he is still cold, but his arms around me are warm, make me feel safe

"thanks, are you my friend" i ask like a three year old does

"yeah, i don't have any friends either" he says, i hug him tighter, he hugs me tighter

"until now" i say and look up at him

"true, i have a friend, you know what"


"i feel loved" he says and squeezes me so tight i feel like im about to explode

"wow, tyler" i say trying to breathe, he loosens his grip on me but doesn't let me go, he is a good friend

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