bleeding out

when tyler finds out he is being followed by blood thirsty vampires, he finds a girl who is hi best friend, and partner in slaying the vampires


5. nothing

savannahs POV

its dark, i cant see anything, im in pain, after the vampire drained almost everything out of me i was passed out cold

"how long have i been out" i say to myself as i stand up, my head is spinning, but nothing looks like its spinning because its so dark, is this what vampires live in, total darkness

i start walking slowly, with my arms out in front of me i try to feel for something, i finally hit a wall, i walk along that for a while and hit another wall, i stop and sit, because my legs are starting to get shaky

"how long have you been up" i hear the boys soft voice, the one who drained me

"about ten minutes, how long have you been watching me" i say back, he laughs and i feel a hand on mine

"i adore your attitude" he says and pulls me to my feet, im backed into the corner, his body against mine

"you aren't going to bite me again are you" i ask, he laughs, his breath smells like mint, he smells of cologne, his warm hand moves up to my neck

"no, you looked so sweet though when i did it, but i just want you now" he says, his lips brush against mine, i push him away

"get off of me" i say, he takes my hand in his, puts his hand on my cheek

"i love you, whats your name" he asks, and i answer without hesitation


"im Dante, who was the kid who made you upset earlier" he asks caringly

"why should i tell you" i ask, he laughs again

"because we found a boy named tyler looking for a girl named savannah, and he described you, we have him here, in another room" he says

"you let him go" i run at him, but he pushes me back into the wall like im nothing

"why, do you like him" of course i do, he is my friend" i say

"but do you love him" there is that same question, the question i asked tyler before i left, he didn't answer

"yes i do, but i don't know if he feels the same way" i say, his body is on mine again, it is warm, both of his hands are on my cheeks

"isn't that sweet, why don't we go talk to him" he takes my hand and pulls me along, i still cant see anything, but i can see the outline of his body, he pulls me into another dark room, he turns a dim light on, i see tyler tied up to a chair and blindfolded, i start to run to him, but Dante wont let go of my hand

"Dante let go of me" i say trying to pull away from him

"wait" he says and pulls me into him, he wraps his arms around me and holds me there while two guys go to tylers side and take the blindfold off his eyes and tape off of his mouth

"tyler" i say

"savannah" he says back, i struggle to get away from Dante but he is too strong, he is about fifteen

"let go of me" i whine and elbow Dante in the stomach, he lets go of me and i run over to tyler and untie him

"hey" Dante yells and walks over to me, tyler shields me with his body and we are backed into the corner

"leave her alone" tyler yells, Dante punches him in the face

"stop it" i scream

"not until you come with me" Dante says and grabs my arm, tyler tries to pull me away from him but Dante is too strong

"please, i love him" i say, he freezes

"and i love her" tyler says, the grip on my wrist tightens

"no, i always get what i want because i work for it, the chance that you two will be together is small, so im just helping it" he says and pulls me out of the room, i start to cry as we walk, i trip multiple times

"oww" i say when i trip again, before i can get up Dante picks me up bridal style and keeps walking

"Dante put me down" i say

"you keep tripping, we are losing time, this is much faster" he says

"well i don't think so" i mumble, he looks down at me then back forward, the lights in the hallway are very dim, so i can just barely see his face, his eyes are blue green, and i see a red spot on his left cheek, right on the cheekbone, it looks like a cut

"what happened" i ask and lightly touch it

"tyler did it when we took him" he says, i take my sleeve and wipe away the blood, it is a decent sized cut, about two inches long, but not very deep

"were here" Dante says and puts me down, he leads me into a room with everything i could possibly want, a tv, microwave, refrigerator, an X box 360, about twenty games for it, and a radio, when i look in a drawer there are i pads, i pods tablets mp3 players, with tons of songs on them each

"is this all for me" i ask

"if you stay here, you will be able to go outside, but i have to be with you" he says, i sit on the bed and discover it is a water bed, and there is a bunk o it also, that slides out of the wall

"oh my gosh, this is awesome" i say

"my room is right next door if you need me" Dante replies and walks off, i explore my closet next which has clothes of all kinds, and shoes, but not jewelry, or make up, good because i don't like either of those things, i do like a plain black ring to mess around with when i have nothing better to do, i fall asleep on the bed quickly

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